Thank You For Booking A Consultation With Argentina!

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Hi! Thank you so much for scheduling a phone consultation with me! I know you are very busy so I want you to know I really appreciate you going to this entire process to learn about the boudoir experience with Art of Seduction.

As I promised, just because you took the time to schedule a phone consultation, I want to give you a FREE gift, regardless of we working together in the future. I promise to give you my Article “7 Days To Self Love” and here it is. 1506ALP 7 Days to Self Love v2KL  I truly hope you take the time to read it, you might be surprised what you find! Make sure you print it or download it in your computer!

What happens next?

You will receive couple of reminders when your appointment is approaching. At any time, you can cancel the appointment if something comes up and can’t make it to our conversation. You can leave me a message in the cancellation email and also will be able to find a new time to reschedule our conversation.

I’m very punctual calling, so make sure you are in a quite setting and have at least 30 minutes undisturbed to have our conversation. If for some reason I can’t call you, I will send you a quick text to let you know I’m running late or to reschedule our conversation.

I know you had a lot of choices when selecting a boudoir photographer, I feel honored you are considering me to create your vision. All the ladies who decide to book their boudoir session with me do so during our phone conversation. So, in order to make the process easier, please have your credit card and calendar available in case you decide to book.

Finally, I want to reassure you that I am NOT going to push any sales or put any pressure on you. I’m only going to tell you about the experience, answer your questions and help you see if this is for you. But I can tell this is what you want since you came this far!

Have a great day and I look forward talking to you!


P.S. Between now and our conversation, I encourage you to browse my website to see images of women just like you who have graciously allowed me to share their boudoir images in my galleries. Also, go to my testimonials page to read about other women’s experience and what it did for them.