Digital Magic

Your boudoir images will look great straight out of the camera thanks to our lighting techniques. However, your favorite images will receive extra TLC to make them the best version possible.

Our amazing Art Director Rose is an expert in making your boudoir images look perfect. Digital Magic (retouching) will include as needed: skin softening, bruise and unwanted marks removal, skin color evening, tummy tucks, boob lifts, arm and thigh slimming, double chin removal, stretch marks and cellulite removal, image sharpening, color correction and black and white conversion. When you invest in one of our custom Boudoir Albums, you will receive a proof of your album so you can have input on the retouching of your images and album design. When you have special requests beyond our standard retouching, like tattoo removal or tan line removal, there will be an additional charge up to $50/image so, please take this into account before you decide to go under the sun and get tan lines or worse, sun burn!