Diamond Diva Experience

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Diamond DivaThis session combines Secret Diva, Fine Art Nudes and Water Diva to create an Artistic boudoir experience to reveal your inner goddess.

Fine Art Nudes

The subject of classic art for over 2,000 years, there’s no better way to celebrate the female form than with Fine Art Nudes! This boudoir session creates a collection of artistic portraits using dark backgrounds with different lighting techniques to showcase every curve of your body.DSC_0086


“Oh my word! My photographs were so beautiful and provocative, so sensual and tasteful!”




Renowned international photographer Argentina Leyva will direct you in a sequence of classic and modern poses she has personally designed to celebrate female beauty in all its forms.

Argentina’s poses work for both partial and fully nude images. As well as classic full body images, Argentina works with each individual client to capture parts of your body that you – or your partner! – find especially sexy. This allows you to display images around your home without even revealing that it’s you on show!


“I never showed photos of myself before this. Now when people ask for a photo, I show them one of my Art of Seduction photos!”





Take a look at our Fine Art Nudes gallery  and get inspired.

Water Diva

Water Diva plays with water and light to emphasize every curve of your body in the hottest photo shoot out there. Think of classic wet T shirt shots from the likes of Kate Upton and the Sports Illustrated models – well now it’s your turn!

Our luxury Water Diva session sees the Art of Seduction Studio transformed into a sexy shower scene where you can have fun exploring the effect of water on your body, while Argentina guides you through her unique sequence of poses to create the most incredible images.
DSC_0338 copy



“I never thought I’d get to star in my own wet T-shirt scene but it was incredible! I can’t believe how sexy I looked and my boyfriend was blow away by the photos!”






Before your photo shoot, Art of Seduction’s make up team will create the perfect look to compliment Water Diva – using waterproof products! – and make sure you’re camera-ready. If you choose to combine Water Diva with Secret Diva, then your hair will also be professionally styled and Secret Diva will be shot first.


 “There are no words to describe how amazing this is – I loved every minute and my pictures are incredible!”









With exclusive use of our boutique studio and special lighting effects to highlight every curve, it’s no wonder so many women choose Art of Seduction  to uncover their inner goddess!

Are you ready for your own sexy shower scene?

Start by browsing our Secret Diva, Fine Art Nudes and Water Diva galleries so that when you schedule your no-obligation call  with Argentina herself, you’ll already have ideas for your own Water Diva transformation!