Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Fear…. -Jack Canfield

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Today is February 15th, one day after Valentine’s day. About three days ago I decided to have an amazing Valentine’s day, the best I ever had. As the day was approaching, I was hoping a guy that I kind of like would ask me out on Valentine’s day. I made sure to keep my schedule […]

10 Ways to Reignite Your Feminine Spark

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Now that we’re clear on what reigniting our feminine spark even means, here are a few ways to easily give our Erotic Creature the boost it may need from everyday life. Don’t worry, these practices are designed to get you just a bit out of your daily routine but not be earth-shatteringly “out there.” Try […]

Introducing Chicago’s Own G Boutique

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As someone who originally opened a savings account to collect money to spend on lingerie, many of my girl friends had suggested I check out Bucktown’s famous G Boutique. Then Argentina asked me and Tracy to venture out and check out the shop for her blog — perfect! I love my new job! (For those […]