Airbrushing for Boudoir Photo Sessions

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Chicago Portrait photography Diane Schaffer






Airbrushing is the easiest way to get a flawless complexion without the ‘caked on feeling.’ What is airbrushing exactly?? Airbrushing is a foundation technique that is sprayed on in microdots. So what is the difference between airbrushing and regular foundation? Well we like to think of it like this, would you paint a piece of furniture with a paintbrush or spray paint? We all know that if you spray paint the furniture it will look more polished and it won’t look as  thick as if you were to paint it on. Same concept with airbrushing. Actually airbrushing will even make your photos look more high definition and professional. Here at Argentina Leyva we say it’s a must!!

Welcome to our Diva Blog!!!!

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2011 was the year we launched Art of Seduction with an amazing, good response. So much that we are moving to a new space in 2012 to accomodate more shooting space for diferent styles of boudoir photography. We are also launching Art of Babies, a website dedicated 100% to pregnancies, newborns, and babies. We will be having a launch party some time in the summer and all our past Divas will have an invitation coming their way. We can’t wait!