12 Days of Christmas for Self-Love and Confidence

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The holidays are here and I want to wish you the best time with your loved ones. For me it has been a year filled with accomplishments and blessings, starting with you, my loyal follower.

Many of you have told me how inspired you feel with the Empowering Quotes I send by email or post in Facebook. My mission in life is to empower women not just through Boudoir photography but any way I can. The quotes I collect help me stay grounded and inspired, they have helped me focus on self-love and my own confidence and I hope they can also help you.

So to finish the year and start a new one, here are 12 quotes to inspire you and motivate you. I hope you like them and don’t forget to share with other beautiful strong women like you!

Happy holidays!!!!






























































































































































Celebrate with a FREE Boudoir Session

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Hi! My name is Argentina Leyva. I’m the photographer and founder of Art of Seduction Boudoir, with private studios in Chicago, IL and Austin, Tx.

I work with every woman you can think of – successful career women, full-time moms, entrepreneurs and soon-to-be brides – but they all have one thing in common. The women who I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the past 10 years had a very powerful reason to do a boudoir session and wanted to have the best to capture their beauty.

All my clients have all worked hard to get to where they are and have overcome many challenges – in their careers, relationships and health. They are strong survivors. Women who reach out to me are not ordinary woman. They are looking for something different, classy and original. A place where they can be themselves and feel comfortable knowing that they won’t be judged.

I’ve photographed over 1,000 women in my years as a boudoir photographer and have captured the beauty of women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. I’m proud to say that every client has loved their images and they all agree the toughest part is to select their favorites!

I’ve had the honor of working with women who are looking for the best for themselves and their partners and after doing their research they all tell me the same, I’m the one for them! They have even travelled from as far as New York, Colorado and Arizona to be photographed by me!

If this is you, register now to be considered for a FREE boudoir session, register below and submit an application.

Win A FREE Boudoir Session

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Hi! I am Argentina Leyva, photographer and founder of Art of Seduction Boudoir in Chicago, IL and Austin, Tx.

Bridal Boudoir has become the most popular gift that brides are giving their grooms on their wedding day.  A boudoir session is not only pretty pictures, but a way for any bride to capture her true beauty at a milestone time in her life.

My bridal boudoir will also knock his socks off on your wedding night – and let him know that he’s marrying the most beautiful, strong, intelligent and confident woman he could possibly dream of. Art of Seduction Boudoir is an uplifting experience for any bride, from our first telephone consultation to receiving your final images and will make sure you’re 100% confident and secure in your body on your wedding day.

Every month, Art of Seduction Boudoir gives away a FREE Boudoir session to brides who register. To receive and invitation for a FREE boudoir experience, register below.

I look forward talking to you!



Everybody Dies, But Not Everyone Lives.

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Imagine yourself when you are in your dead bead, what are your thoughts going to be? A study that interviewed elderly people shows that at the end of their life, they are full of regrets. Regrets about the things that they didn’t do, never about things they did. Will you be that person? What if you are in your dead bed tomorrow? Have you truly lived? Reflect about it. What is stopping you from being happy and feeling fulfilled? Most likely it is your self-esteem.

I hear over and over again from women who desire to feel beautiful but when it comes to the point to do something about it they are their worse enemies. They reach out to me to do a boudoir session to help them feel beautiful but at the end, they allow their own fears and doubts to keep them where they are, drifting through life and never taking off to their full potential. They actually hang up on me when I am talking to them on the phone about booking a boudoir session.

It makes me really sad to feel that I don’t have what it takes to help these women, because I know they are hurting. I know that pain, not feeling good enough, pretty enough or totally disgusting in their bodies. It hurts me not to be able to find the right words that will help them see that there is a way out to this pain. What is it going to take? More pain? A near dead experience? Why do we need to wait until things get so bad to wake up and start living?

Self-esteem is the barrier that stops people from being happyIt doesn’t have to be that way. Doubt and fear leads to create a less than perfect version of you. Only you can stop and turn things around. What is your dream? What do you really want? Are you willing to make the sacrifice to make a change? Will you let anything or anyone stop you from being what and who you really want to be? You are your own enemy and you set the barriers that will create your regrets.

We all have the potential to be powerful, happy, brave, strong and do anything we want, if we can only believe that we are enough and deserving.

I might not have the right words to inspire these women who leave me talking on the phone or don’t answer my call. So I want to share a video from someone who is dedicated to tell things as they are, inspire and motivate people to unleash the potential in themselves.

If you are one of the women who reach out to me for help but hung up on me or didn’t answer my call because you think you are not good enough, I hope this video will inspire you to chase after your dreams and live life.