Big Girls are beautiful. Plus Size Boudoir Photography Proves it.

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I want to tell you the story on how I became so popular as a plus size boudoir photographer.

My story

I have always been a big girl, at least it was what I always believed since I turned 16 and realized that I was bigger than all my friends in school. At 5’7″ and always being of an athletic constitution, I was  two to three inches taller than my friends and many boys too. 

I grew up hearing remarks about my weight all the time. Things like: “You carry your weight really well” or “You are so pretty for a girl your size”, or “You only need to loose 20 pounds to look thin”. Sounds familiar?

As a consequence, I grew up with a very distorted image of myself and thought that I was never going to be liked by men because I was not thin enough, I was too tall and I wasn’t pretty enough.

At one point my mother took me to a doctor to get prescription appetite suppressants because she couldn’t stand seeing me fat (I was a size 12 at 18 years old and still are the same size at 46). The pills worked, I didn’t eat for a month and lost a lot of weight in muscle mass, not fat. But even after losing the weight, it was STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH, I was still fat.

I was so hungry after the pill effect wore out, I gained all the weight back plus 10 pounds in less than a month, I felt worthless and without hope of ever being good enough to anybody. My self-esteem and self-worth were damaged from that point on and it stayed with me until my late 30’s.

As a result, as soon as I was able to leave home, I avoided going back and tried to build my life hidden away from those who hurt me and reminded me I was not good enough. I concentrated in my career and finding a way to rebuild my self-esteem, find a purpose to my life and a way to live with my physical appearance.

The Transformation

Fast forward 20 years, I started doing boudoir photography, mostly for brides-to-be. I thought only young, beautiful, skinny girls that looked like models were the only ones that could do boudoir sessions. But then I started to get women like me, in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s! Women of all shapes and sizes who wanted to feel beautiful just as they were. These women became my inspiration and gave me the courage to do my own boudoir session at age 38.

What I saw changed my life forever. For the first time in my life I saw I was beautiful just as I was. I started to walk tall, be flirtatious, smile a lot, get dressed up and for a change, I was able to take compliments and BELIEVE they were TRUE and not just comments to make me feel better. My perception of ME changed completely from feeling unattractive to feeling beautiful ALL THE TIME!

My Plus Size Boudoir Clients

This transformation inspired me to create what I call “Divalicious” boudoir session. A boudoir session to capture the beauty of curvy women. I realized that ALL women want to feel beautiful regardless of shape, size or age. No more just portraying perfect, young, thin women. It is time to show to all women that we all have the right to feel beautiful and that we all are beautiful. All we have to do is to change how we feel.

Through plus size boudoir photography I have photographed hundreds of gorgeous women, and they were absolutely amazed and thrilled that they could look so good in pictures.

Here is a sample of images of beautiful plus size women who have graciously allowed me to share their images with you.


If you are ready to discover your own beauty in a life changing experience, I invite you to click on this link to schedule a phone conversation with me a learn more about the process.

I am certain that I can show you your beauty in a way that will change your life. All you have to do is take the first step and connect with me.

I look forward talking to you!


Be my Sports Illustrated model in Roatan Honduras!

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In March 2017 I took my first group of clients to Fiji Islands for a Sports Illustrated photography experience that was out of this world.

We staid for 7 nights in the incredible Beqa Lagoon Resort, a five star boutique resort that caters to only 50 guests at the time. This has been by far my most proudest moment as a photographer. Working in nature can be challenging dealing with sun, rain, challenging hiking trails to get to our location, bugs, falls, etc. But my clients were determined to take their role of professional models and pushed themselves  beyond what they could have imagined was necessary to create these images.








































I was only able to take four clients to Fiji and many of you were very disappointed on not being able to join me in this paradise for an adventure of a lifetime.

Because of that, I have a new equally amazing model adventure in December 2017 that I want to invite you to be part of….
Art of Seduction is going to Honduras – and I want you to be my model!
I’ve been offered a residency at the stunning Mayan Princess Resort in Honduras and I’m giving you the incredible opportunity of experiencing the life of a Sports Illustrated model – with a dream vacation on the tropical island of Roatan!
Here’s the details…
December 2nd-9th 2017 – 7 nights with Air all-inclusive at Mayan Princess Resort in Roatan, Honduras

$1895 per person

It includes:

  • Round trip non-stop air fare from ORD to Roatan (other cities available)
  • 7 nights in a deluxe, air conditioned, pool villa, double occupancy*
  • 3 meals daily from three restaurants to choose from
  • Unlimited premium Honduran liqueur
  • FREE beer!
  • 2 hair and makeup makeovers
  • 2 model photo shoots with Art of Seduction studios
  • Beach snorkeling
  • Hotel taxes/fees, ground transportation
Additional activities offered an an additional cost:
  • If you are a certified diver, you can go diving with Loves Park Scuba
  • Spa: Massages, Waxing, noni wraps
  • Dolphin training for a day, Dolphin snorkel and Dolphin encounter
  • Beach Volley ball
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback ridding
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Bone Fishing
  • Parasailing
  • Bird Watching
 CLICK HERE to apply to be my model in Roatan.
Want to see more stunning images and amenities of where we’ll be staying? Click here! 
Are you in? Remember, I can only photograph four models in Roatan. So grab one of the spots NOW! You only need $500 to reserve your spot. 
We had the most amazing experience in Fiji, all the ladies that came with me said it was the best experience of their life, an amazing vacation with amazing photography. Here is a video that showcases our experience in Fiji. 

To become my model in Roatan, please CLICK HERE and schedule a phone consultation.

You are probably wondering if this type of investment is worth your time and effort…well, here is a testimonial of one of my models that went to Fiji in Mach. I hope this helps you decide to come to Roatan!


The Best “Huevos Rancheros” You’ll Ever Eat!

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This is a very different blog from anything I’ve ever written. I wanted to share with you my recipe for traditional and authentic Huevos Rancheros so you can make your own at home and know the true difference between authentic Mexican food and the one offered by many so called Mexican or TexMex restaurants.

One of the best things we are meant to enjoy in this life is food. I used to have an addiction for food for many years and I always struggled with my weight and could never eat my favorite foods without guilt. I would starve myself for months to drop the weight and then I would come back with a revenge and over eat so much I would gain all the weight back plus few more pounds. It was a constant struggle and I was never happy.

I have overcome my eating disorder and keep a healthy diet. I reserve my favorite foods for special occasions and on the weekends. I love to go out but it can get expensive, also, it can be very disappointing. I save myself all week for a nice breakfast on Sunday morning and I often get disappointed with the pick of Mexican restaurant for my weekend indulgence, totally not worth the calories.

So instead of going out, I started to make my favorite breakfast on Sunday mornings instead, Huevos Rancheros with refried beans. This is way cheaper than going out and super healthy because I use coconut oil. The secret for the perfect huevos rancheros is the HOME MADE SALSA! I will teach you how to make my mom’s traditional Mexican Salsa and how to create the perfect huevos rancheros and refried beans.

List of Ingredients

For the Salsa you will need:


Jalapeno pepers (you can add one serrano pepper to make it spicier)

White onions


Chicken bullion in powder form or cubes (I prefer the Mexican brand, find it in the ethnic aisle)

For the beans you will need:

Whole pinto beans (I buy them in a can but you can cook your own)

Cheese (get creative with your own cheese, I use the Mexican blend at the grocery store)

Mexican Chorizo (optional to add spice and more flavor)


For the huevos (eggs) you will need:


100% corn tortillas (white or yellow, your choice. I prefer them thin because they absorb less oil)

Coconut oil (it is a healthy oil and behaves the same as regular cooking oil. You can use Pam spray to reduce the amount of oit)

Salsa Preparation

Fry the chopped onions in coconut oil until they are a little soft. In these photos I am using 1/2 of a large onion.









Add the chopped jalapeno peppers (and serrano pepper if applicable) and stirr. Let them keep frying for few minutes to get the peppers a little soft. In this photo I am using one large jalapeno and no serranos.







Add the chopped tomatoes and fry for about 3 minutes to get the tomatoes a little soft and finish softening the onions and peppers. In this photo I am using two small tomatoes.







When the whole mix is soft but not soggy, add water to cover all the ingredients and increase the temperature to bring it to a boil.

When boiling, add cumin and chicken bullion. For this amount of veggies I used 1 tsp of cumming and 1 tbls of chicken bullion. I don’t like to add salt because the chicken bullion I use had a lot of salt already but you can add salt to your taste.

Stir and let it boil at low heat for about 5 minutes. You can then turn down the heat to low to keep it warm and ready to pour on top of the eggs.



Refried Beans Preparation

Pour a can of whole pinto beans in a pan containing coconut oil. I normally do batches of about one pound of beans so I can use the leftovers in another meal. You can freeze the whole beans you don’t use for future time too.

I normally drain some of the liquid in the can before adding to the can so the beans are not to soupy. If they are too dry, you can always add water.

Use a smasher to smash the beans. Smash as much as you want, I like mine still a little chunky.




When the beans are smashed, add cheese to your taste. If you like them stringy, add a lot of cheese. You can also add a little of sour cream or milk to make them creamier. Add salt to taste.

To make them spicer, you can can add Mexican chorizo, just be aware that Mexican chorizo is made out of pork and has a lot fo bad fat :(. If you add chorizo, avoid adding salt since the chorizo has a lot of salt already.

Stir the cheese into the beans in a low flame so they don’t burn and get dry. As soon as the cheese melts you can turn the heat off or leave it very low to keep the beans warm.



Creating your Huevos Rancheros

Melt a generous amount of coconut oil in a large frying pan. Fry tortillas one by one or all at the tiime. If you like tortillas crunchy, fry for a little longer. If you have sensitive teeth or just like softer tortillas, just fry for 10 to 15 seconds enough to get them warm.

Make sure to flip them so both sides are fried.






Let the excess oil drain on the pan before placing them on a plate overlapping a little bit on each other. If you are feeding a very hungry person, you can fry three tortillas. I normally only eat two.


Now go ahead and fry the eggs. I fry one at the time because I’m not very skilled and I don’t like to break them. I fry two eggs, one for each tortilla but a hungry guy might want three or four.




Place your fried eggs on top of the tortillas, add refried beans on the side and pour the salsa on top of the eggs and beans. Use as much as you’d like. The salsa will soften the tortillas if they are highly fried. If the tortillas are not too fried, they get soggy with the salsa and might disintegrate easily when you are eating them. That’s why I prefer my tortilla crunchy. 

And that’s it! As soon as they are served they need to be eaten so they don’t get cold and the tortillas don’t get soggy.

You can accompany them with toast if you’d like.



I hope you try this recipe and enjoy authentic traditional Mexican Huevos Rancheros as much I do!

The Best Gift For Valentine’s day is YOU!

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We all know about Valentine’s day and what it represents. It is the day we celebrate LOVE. Some people love this holiday some people not so much. I think this is because we associate this day with celebrating love for another person, a husband, boyfriend, fiance or friends. What we forget to include in this list is US. 

We don’t need to have a man in our lives to celebrate love. In fact, two years ago on Valentine’s day I was happily single and I booked myself a luxury suite at the W hotel in downtown Austin and I had a date with myself. I was recently divorced and single since a long time, I realized I was happier to be alone on VD than to be in the wrong relationship.

It is scary to go out alone, but mostly because we worry too much about what people may think. If you set that aside and do something like this, all that matters is what you think. Believe me, it feels amazing to dare to do something you want to do and not have to wait until you have somebody to do it with.

This year, at 46 I’m two years older. I am in a place in my life where every year and every day I am more in love with the person I have become. Not only that, as my body ages, I have learned to love it and appreciate it instead of being ashamed of it for getting old.

One of our biggest fears is to get old and never again be deserving of being called beautiful, sensual or sexy. We are made to believe that getting old is bad, undesirable and we should go and hide so we don’t offend anybody with the sight of us. Well, I resit to believe this of me and any woman!

With my dedication to boudoir photography and having photographed women as old as 68, I have to disagree with society that a woman over 30 is not sexy and beautiful. I did my first boudoir session at 38 and that changed the way I perceive myself. For the first time in my life I saw myself as a sexy and beautiful woman just as I am. Now at 46, I have done my 5th boudoir session and celebrate my love for my body on this Valentine’s day.

I invite you to search inside of you and find the real you, the spirit that never ages, the woman who only matures and becomes more confident, sexy and desirable with age. See your body as the vessel that carries you through life and celebrate her. See your body’s imperfections as proof of your passing through this life. Reminders of everything you have endured and enjoyed in this life. LOVE your body for it allows you to experience your human life.


If you are ready to celebrate your body CLICK HERE