The Best Gift For Valentine’s day is YOU!

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We all know about Valentine’s day and what it represents. It is the day we celebrate LOVE. Some people love this holiday some people not so much. I think this is because we associate this day with celebrating love for another person, a husband, boyfriend, fiance or friends. What we forget to include in this list is US. 

We don’t need to have a man in our lives to celebrate love. In fact, two years ago on Valentine’s day I was happily single and I booked myself a luxury suite at the W hotel in downtown Austin and I had a date with myself. I was recently divorced and single since a long time, I realized I was happier to be alone on VD than to be in the wrong relationship.

It is scary to go out alone, but mostly because we worry too much about what people may think. If you set that aside and do something like this, all that matters is what you think. Believe me, it feels amazing to dare to do something you want to do and not have to wait until you have somebody to do it with.

This year, at 46 I’m two years older. I am in a place in my life where every year and every day I am more in love with the person I have become. Not only that, as my body ages, I have learned to love it and appreciate it instead of being ashamed of it for getting old.

One of our biggest fears is to get old and never again be deserving of being called beautiful, sensual or sexy. We are made to believe that getting old is bad, undesirable and we should go and hide so we don’t offend anybody with the sight of us. Well, I resit to believe this of me and any woman!

With my dedication to boudoir photography and having photographed women as old as 68, I have to disagree with society that a woman over 30 is not sexy and beautiful. I did my first boudoir session at 38 and that changed the way I perceive myself. For the first time in my life I saw myself as a sexy and beautiful woman just as I am. Now at 46, I have done my 5th boudoir session and celebrate my love for my body on this Valentine’s day.

I invite you to search inside of you and find the real you, the spirit that never ages, the woman who only matures and becomes more confident, sexy and desirable with age. See your body as the vessel that carries you through life and celebrate her. See your body’s imperfections as proof of your passing through this life. Reminders of everything you have endured and enjoyed in this life. LOVE your body for it allows you to experience your human life.


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