Office party? Get ready in super quick time!

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I met up with a girlfriend over the weekend and we were talking all things Christmas – including her dilemma of how to get ready for her office party. Like many of us, her work celebration takes place straight after everyone has logged off for the day – so there’s very little time to do hair, makeup or even get changed.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve got hours to get ready before your work’s holiday celebration then go for it! Take your time with indulgent preparations that’ll have you feeling and looking fantastic – but for the rest of us, read on. I’ve put together a handy guide on how to go from day to night in only a few minutes.

Your party plan of action.

Even if you only have a few minutes to get ready for your big night, a lot of the work that goes into having us feeling and looking our best starts days before, so there’s no excuse! First off, keep hydrated. For at least a week before party season starts, drink 8 large glasses of water each day. Not only will staying hydrated have you feeling energized, but your skin will quickly start to plump up and get a radiant glow. Once you see how your skin responds to being sufficiently hydrated this is one habit you’ll want to keep up!

We can also feed our skin to get the glow. Fashionista Louise Roe swears by her Winter Skin bb6ecd708bd422a9cff46ab15b24d587Brightening Smoothie to have her skin sparkling and radiant in just 4 days – come on, we can all commit to that! Simply blend 4 ice cubes, 1 handful each of spinach, watercress and parsley, half a ripe avocado, 1 pear and the juice of a lime and drink. Super sexy skin super-fast!

Finally, to avoid feeling bloated eat little and often and chew food properly – you’ll be surprised what a difference this makes! Now’s not the time to make any huge changes to your diet but avoiding fizzy drinks and limiting salt and sodium will also help to streamline your gorgeous curves.

Quick change dress-up.

As I was talking to my friend, I came up with a ton of ways you can turn an outfit from day to night in very little time – and without the hassle of taking a full change of clothes to the office. It’s most important to remember that you want to feel as good as you look – the Art of Seduction mantra! – and so start off by choosing your prettiest, sexiest lingerie set to wear for the day – go on, it’ll be our secret! Beautiful lingerie is the quickest way to give a woman confidence and today is the day to throw out all the rule books about sensible and practical underwear for work.

Next up, if you can only change one thing, change your shoes – unless you 9616ae4379c9e39ef178fc8eefd2a60fhave the stamina to go all day in a pair of killer heels! A sexy heel will elongate your legs, have you standing (literally!) taller and make you feel a million dollars. While we’re talking about legs, make room in your handbag for a pair of sexy stockings and you’re pretty much good to go.

To take an outfit from day to night doesn’t mean making massive changes – simply swap your belt for a sparkly number and add some statement jewellery. That’s it! In just a few minutes you’ll be party-ready and looking and feeling sensational.

Day to night makeup in a flash.

Don’t worry about re-doing your entire face. In the morning, take a few more minutes to make sure your base will stay the course by using a primer and carefully blending your foundation with your fingertips – the warmth of your fingers will help the base melt into the skin. Set with a fine dusting of powder and mist with water and you’re all set for the day – and night – ahead.

As you finish work, take a couple of minutes to add a sparkly shadow and lashings of mascara to c2ec51275fbc6bec648a847372248449your eyes and your almost ready. If you’ve reached an age where eye shadows sit in creases take a really soft kohl pencil instead – apply to your lash line and smudge out for a quick smoky look without the creases. Now just add a slick of your favourite hot lipstick and you’re ready to party!

I know that all my divas look stunning every day – you just can’t help it! – but I’d love to see how you’ve taken my advice to get ready for your holiday celebrations. Why not share you’re before and after photos at my Daring Greatly Diva Network – an all-female support group that’s ready to be your unofficial cheerleading team for everything life throws at you.

I’ll see you at Daring Greatly Diva Network soon!


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