How to get the most from your boudoir session.

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So you’ve researched photographers in your area and chosen the best studio for your boudoir session. These are exciting times!

With a little preparation and planning, your boudoir photo shoot can be everything you hope it to be – and I’m here to guide you through everything you need to know.

Things you must do.

When you’re scheduling your session with the studio, decide the date you want your images by Brunette 6
and plan to do your photo shoot at least 8 weeks before. Schedule well ahead of time to make sure you can get your ideal date and that your images will be ready when you want them to be. For popular studios allow up to two or three months. You can never book too early!

It’s also important to tell the studio if you have any injuries or disabilities so that they can accommodate your needs and allow any additional session time that’s required. If possible, time your session so it’s not during your period – it won’t make a significant difference to your images, but it might make you feel less comfortable and it will be one less thing to worry about! If you suffer from any allergies, ask your studio if there are any pets and remember to take an antihistamine.

Now it’s time to prepare your body. Don’t think you need to lose weight or do anything extreme! A 5 day preparation program will make a huge difference to how you look and feel. I’d always recommend quitting coffee, which is really dehydrating. Switch to green tea as well as drinking lots of water and avoiding alcohol. A hydrated body means hydrated skin! I’d also advise getting a facial – bridal facials are great a giving you glowing skin for a special day, so ask for one even if you’re not a bride!

Ease off on sugar, salt and simple carbs like white bread to avoid feeling bloated. A regular stretching routine will also help your flexibility and mean that it’s easier get into each pose – you’re about to be bent in ways your body is not used to!lingerie 101

If you haven’t already gone shopping, get on it! And if you have, try your outfits on again to check that the fit is perfect. Choose outfits that are recommended for a boudoir session CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT LINGERIE and think about accessories too.

Fabulous shoes and jewelry will bring an extra special something to your images, as well as making you feel a million dollars. If you’re unsure of what to choose, ask your studio if they have an accessory boutique you can use – that way you can try out different items to see which ones enhance your look on the day.

A few days before your photo shoot, get your hair cut and coloured and visit a nail technician to give you to-die-for nails that will compliment your look. I’d also recommend both exfoliation and waxing and you might want to get a fake tan if your skin is pale. Now’s also the time to confirm your appointment if the studio hasn’t already been in touch.

It’s also really useful to have ideas on the type of makeup you want to get. The makeup artist can’t002
read your mind, so showing her a picture will ensure that she understands the look you’re going for.

The day before your boudoir session, get everything ready that you need. You’ll need to take a robe and slippers to your session as well as your outfits and any accessories you’re using. Then get a good night’s sleep! Feeling well-rested is the best beauty boost out there and believe me, tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

Things you must NOT do!

Please don’t book a session at the last minute. Most studios won’t be able to accommodate you and the reality is that talented photographers book three months in advance, so if anyone can fit you in last minute, be wary. While we’re talking about last minute, don’t leave your outfit choice until the day before. If you shop in a hurry you won’t find the perfect outfit that makes you feel as gorgeous and sexy as you want to feel.

It’s also important to note that it’s not the studio’s responsibility to iron your outfits and the cost
of digitally removing any wrinkles will most likely be passed on to you as an additional cost.

The day of your session, don’t wear tight socks or bras that leave marks on your skin. These marks 0761can last for hours and could show in your images. It’s also important to not arrive at the studio with wet hair – your hair should be clean and dry so that it’s ready to get styled.

Most reputable studios provide hair and makeup services to ensure your session is a success, so unless you’re having to style yourself, don’t arrive at the studio with makeup applied – clean, bare skin is all that’s needed.

So that’s it! You’re good to go! Now your boudoir photo shoot will be everything you hoped it to be – and your images will be something you’ll treasure forever.

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