Want to know the reason we all love Halloween?

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So today is Halloween, our annual day dedicated to celebrating dress-up. You didn’t think it was DSC_0454just about getting spooky did you? Us Americans love the opportunity to get into costume – and the wilder the better.

Wearing a costume seems to give us permission to feel freer and less inhibited – just like drinking a glass of wine! Our fun side comes out and we’re able to enjoy life a little more.

But why wait for an opportunity to get into costume? Life is full of wonderful moments if we only give ourselves permission to enjoy them. Feeling free and uninhibited so that we can cherish life for the wonderful gift it is are things that are always inside us. So what stops us?

12132521_896323297117248_2380525534277812612_oOur lives are so busy! We’re working harder than ever, caring for our families and never giving ourselves a second though. It’s important to remember that we can only care for others if we take care of ourselves – physically and emotionally.

We all need to take time just for ourselves – it’s as important for our health as making doctor’s appointments and eating our ‘5 a day’. But I know for a lot of us, taking time out can be hard, especially if we’ve lost our sense of who we are. It’s why I’ve dedicated my career to helping women rediscover themselves and finding confidence in exactly who they are right here and now.

In my boudoir studio I see women of all ages, shapes and sizes transform into confident women, finally aware of their own strength and beauty. For many of those women, they initially see their photo shoot a little like Halloween, an opportunity to pretend DSC_0114to be someone else. What they don’t realise is that the power of boudoir uncovers who they truly are. The transformations I witness are incredible!

After working with me in my studio, there’s no need for costumes – or a glass of wine! – to feel free, uninhibited and confident to be who they really are. And the amazing thing is that unlike Halloween, the boost to our self-esteem can last all year round. I love my job!

Enjoy Halloween, however you choose to celebrate, but remember that if you take time to discover your own beauty and inner confidence, you don’t always need to put on a costume to feel free and fully engaged with life!

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What’s stopping you from living life as the confident, strong and beautiful woman that I know you are? I know that there’s a part of you who wants to uncover that woman so why not start to find her right now and apply to be one of my Art of Seduction Divas in your very own photo shoot? CLICK HERE TO START!.  Life is precious – why make your dreams wait until tomorrow?

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