5 Sexy Bras to make your “girls” look amazing in public!

Posted in: Art of Seduction- Sep 10, 2015 Comments Off on 5 Sexy Bras to make your “girls” look amazing in public!
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When it comes to your “girls”, they deserve to be treated with love and respect. Good fitting and support are essential but it shouldn’t stop there. Add color, shape, fun and sexy elements and even make them part of your outfit.

Wouldn’t you love to have sexy bras that you can show in public? Here are five different bras that are not only sexy, but can be used as part of your outfit.

Strappy Bras


This type of bra is my favorite because it shows just a hint as part of our outfit (I own this one in blue!) There are many different designers that offer strappy designs and I see many of my clients bring them to their boudoir sessions. This one if from Marlies Dekkers, by far one of my favorite designers.





Body Suits


Also from Marlies Dekkers, this body suit can be worn as part of your outfit.

Add a pair of sexy stockings, high heels and hip jewelry and you have also the perfect outfit for a boudoir session. This is ideal for tummy conscious ladies (like me 🙂 I also own three of these from MD)






Bustiers are fantastic to wear by themselves or under a jacket. La Perla has bustiers that are elegant and appropriate to wear as outfits. The picture on the right is me wearing my favorite La Perla bustier. I have used it for two boudoir sessions and often wear it in a social event, by itself or under a jacket, I feel sexy and elegant when I wear it, you should try!






One of the sexiest ways to show your lingerie without feeling naked is to wear a see-through top. La Perla has stylish see-through tops like blouses and body suits. Some can be worn by themselves with strategically placed decorations in the front or you can add a bra with a stylish design under it.







Open Back


Bra design has evolved to include beautiful back features. If you are shy to show your beautiful bra from the front, then show it from the back!  Victoria’s Secret has a very nice collection of bras that include cross back designs worth showing!








I hope you find inspiration to feel sexy while wearing your beautiful bras as part of your outfits.

The best part of having stylish bras, is that you can ware them for a sexy love-making night, a fashionable night out or a sexy boudoir session. All these added to the practicality of holding your “girls” proud in place!

To learn more about the “Boudoir Experience” at Art of Seduction Boudoir, visit my Boudoir Packages Page where you will lean a lot about the different packages and how to contact me to book your boudoir session.

Talk to you soon!



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