The road to loving ourselves: Aidee’s Story.

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Us women are so hard on ourselves. I’m all for striving to be the best we can be, but settling for nothing but perfection is never going to work! We criticize ourselves so often that I bet most of you don’t even notice you’re doing it. With images of ‘perfect’ models everywhere and women who seem to have it all, it can be hard enough to love our bodies – but when they start to let us down, that job becomes even harder.


It’s over a year since I first met Aidee. She’s a beautiful, petite woman with a successful career and great social life but for her, there’s always been something missing. Aidee told me that she’d always been shy, especially when it came to feeling comfortable with her body and expressing her sexuality.

Growing up, Aidee’s health wasn’t great, particularly due to an iron deficiency caused by long, heavy periods. Especially during our teenage years, physical suffering can really affect how we see our bodies. For Aidee, her body had already started to cause her problems and that had long-term effects on how happy she was in her own skin.

Aidee works out and takes care of herself, but an injury sustained in a martial arts class put her out of action and knocked her confidence even further. “During the healing process I gained a lot of weight” she told me, “and at 5’1”, putting on even a little weight is highly noticeable. My boyfriend told me that my love handles were adorable but I didn’t feel the same way!”

Something to celebrate.

After she had recovered, Aidee worked hard at regaining her body confidence. She lost 20lbs and dropped three jean sizes. Seeing her body not only heal itself but become stronger gave Aidee a new-found respect for it. Although like every woman out there, she still saw room for improvement, Aidee knew it was time to leave old ways of thinking behind her and celebrate her body for all it had gotten her through.

She had always supported her girlfriends and sister in getting out of their comfort zones but now it was her turn. Aidee wanted to love her body and be confident in who she was without fear of being judged. She told me that in today’s society, this can be a tall order. “Learning to love your body is difficult for any woman”, she said. “It’s hard to feel ‘beautiful’ if you aren’t happy with your body, and it’s hard to be happy with your body when you are constantly being compared to others with ‘better’ bodies. It seems like you’re never good enough.”

She is so right! We talked about the mixed messages out there, like “you’re too skinny”, “you’re too chubby”, “you’re a woman, you should be soft and round, yet to be sexy you have to look like a Victoria Secret model.’” No wonder we’re all so confused! Aidee knew that a boudoir photoshoot would allow her to finally honor her own unique beauty and sensuality – and she chose to work with me in my Art of Seduction studio because I celebrate the real beauty in all women – whatever size or shape they are.

“I visited the website and fell in love. I loved that a lot of the sample images are real women. We have so much pressure put on us by society and the media to look a certain way. Argentina clearly understands how to bring out inner beauty through her photography. She captures what it is to be a sexy woman in a very tasteful way.”

– Aidee.

First boudoir experience.

So far over 1,000 women have experienced the power of my boudoir photography – you can visit my gallery to check out some of their stunning images. I spend a lot of time getting to know my divas and planning a bespoke boudoir experience that meets their requirements, so I was confident that Aidee’s photoshoot would turn out just as she had hoped. She wasn’t disappointed!


“It should be scary”, she told me, “I mean, it took me a long time to be comfortable wearing bathing suits and shorts out in public, and there I was taking my panties off but it wasn’t scary – it was incredibly liberating! Even shooting implied nudes isn’t as scary as I thought, and I kind of want to do more – they’re super sexy!!”


DSC_0190 cover

When Aidee first saw her images she was shocked and said “Wow, I look so pretty!” And she did, she looked unbelievable! Aidee’s motivation for doing boudoir had always been for herself – not for her boyfriend or because her friends wanted her to do it – but when she saw her images she couldn’t help but show them off to everyone possible!

“Argentina is so professional, and warm, something about her just invites you to trust her – and trust yourself.”

  • Aidee

DSC_0130The future’s looking bright.

Since her first photoshoot, Aidee says that she’s felt bolder and more confident. It’s what I want for all of you! She’s continued to take care of herself and has spent the past year focusing on her body and trying to get it to be the best it can be – but no striving for perfection! She’s seen real results in her energy levels but a drop in cup size has shaken her confidence. “It is very noticeable to me” she told me. “I’ve always been proud of my generous breasts, but now I don’t fill out my bras, and somehow this makes me feel less feminine.”

Thankfully, Aidee has experienced the power of boudoir and knows that she doesn’t have to feel insecure about herself anymore. She’s booked another photoshoot with Art of Seduction to boost her confidence and help her celebrate her body for exactly what it is right now – beautiful!

If Aidee’s story has inspired you to celebrate your beauty and sensuality then now’s the time to connect with Art of Seduction. Visit my website  to register – and be in with the chance of winning a free boudoir experience – or schedule a phone conversation with me to discuss my different boudoir packages and finance options.

I hope to be talking to you soon!


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