Water Diva “Sexy Photos With Water”

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Have you seen the movie Flashdance? If you were born in the 70’s, you probably know what I’m talking about! There are movies that mark our lives and Flashdance marked mine. I have watched that movie countless times and I’m obsessed with the water bucket scene. I find it to be one of the sexiest scenes in movie history (my personal opinion!).

Since starting my boudoir photography studio I have played with the idea of recreating this shot. Finally, I found my perfect “handyman” that can build anything I need to bring my crazy ideas to life. He’s too young to have heard about Flashdance, and I’m still working on getting him to watch it to get some inspiration to build a better version of the set. Anyway, I wanted to create 10714248_554892624654089_3630876143961671601_oa boudoir session using a shower and lots of water. After some explaining of my vision, he presented me with a “movil” shower door that with the help of a little photoshop, I was able to create amazing sensual silhouettes.




My second idea was to create images under the rain. This was inspired by the movie “The Notebook” the sexy scene by the pier when it was pouring rain. The first version of the “rain” effect was literally, just a shower. I have my talented handyman working on version 2.0 to created a curtain of rain falling from a beam that crosses the whole length of the studio. whoever, the results I got are very to my satisfaction. I created a swimming pool with a black plastic that turned out perfect to roll around since it’s very slippery, definitely an unexpected perk!


For the longest I wanted to create the “Wet t-shirt” effect so this was the prefect opportunity to create these images and I’m not disappointed at all! they are soooo sexy, and the girls that have got to do these shots tell me they feel so sexy and sensual with the water dripping down their bodies and feeling the fabric sticking to their skin. (Honestly, I can’t wait to do this session myself!)



Finally, it was time to recreate the infamous water bucket shot from Flashdance. Version 1.0 of the shower was not enough to get the effect so litteraly, I had my assistant to climb up a ladder with a bucket of water and dump it on top of my client! We had to practice first our aim to decide where the water should land and really, there is not right place! It happens so fast, I shoot in continuous mode during 2 to 5 seconds while the water is poured on top of the model and hope for a good shot!

The major issue was for my client to have a sexy face while that water poured on her face! Needless to say, water went up her nose and she was lucky not to loose her contacts! So far every bucket shot has been a success and there has always been “The shot” to use for the album.

I love to evolve as a photographer and I’m am so excited to be able to offer this Water Diva option to my clients, especially for the returning ones!




To book a Water Diva session, go to this link to answer some questions and to schedule a phone conversation with me. Water Diva sessions are scheduled on select dates and there is ONLY ONE session on any given day available so, it might be months before your session date is available.

I look forward creating your Water Diva Boudoir Session!


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