The Sexiest Thing On Earth…

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I talk to so many women every day, they call me, email me or facebook me asking for information about boudoir sessions. It is the first thing that comes to their minds about asking, because they don’t know any other way to put it. Quite frankly, I have come to realize that most of them don’t know exactly what they want. They have an idea but can’t put it into words.

They search in the web for keywords like “sexy pictures”, “boudoir photography”, or have seen one of their friend’s Quote 40boudoir images , they ran into a posting in Facebook or pinterest and suddenly, they want it too. What is it that they want? They don’t know but whatever the images make them feel, that’s what they want.

Remember Meg Ryan in “When Harry meets Sally”? The restaurant scene where she’s pretending to have an orgasm? How the woman in the restaurant is staring and her and asks the waiter to have what she is having! Whatever that is, she wants it, because she wants to feel the same way!

And that’s exactly what happens with all women that suddenly want to take sexy pictures.  They see something that represents a feeling that they want to have, so they pick up the phone or write an email, they want what she’s having! They ask for packages because like in a restaurant, you want to see the menu to find what you are craving for. But what if instead of asking for the menu you tell the waiter to give you something to feel totally intoxicated with exotic flavors? Or a meal that leaves you feeling satisfied but very light? Would you take the suggestion?

Sexy pictures should be approached the same way. A package is not what women are looking for, they are looking for a FEELING. Bottom line…

Women Want To Feel Sexy

This is the end result, the process is not important at this point, what matters is the promise that at the end of the road, they will have without a doubt, this unbelievable  feeling of being…

The Sexiest Thing On Earth


Like trying a new restaurant, you feel more at ease when someone recommended it to you and tell you about her amazing meal and experience in this restaurant. The last thing you want is to eat a meal that is so NOT worth the calories and the tab. But if it is everything you were promised and even more, you gladly pay, will tell your friends about it and probably come back in the future.

Boudoir photography is very similar, you are going to invest your emotions in it, put yourself in front of a camDSC_0037era in a very vulnerable way. The last thing you want is to feel awkward during your picture taking session and most important, you don’t want to see your images and not like what you see.

If I can assure you that THIS FEELING that you are looking for, this experience of being and feeling sexy just as you are can be achieved through a boudoir photography session, would you hesitate to do it? How about hearing from
many other women, even your own friends, that this is one of the best experiences of their life and you have to do it, would you still hesitate? How bad do you want it?

You know who you are, you know what you can look like, but you don’t feel it all the time. You need something to reassure you and to remind you when you need it the most, that you are BEAUTIFUL and  SEXY without a shadow of a doubt.

I can only show you the way, but you have to take the first step. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail….?

With all my love….




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