New Boudoir Sessions: Alter Ego

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I have always believed that in order to grow, we have to evolve and change. My style of photography has been shaped over the years and has been perfected in the area of women’s sensual photography. My Secret Diva Boudoir portfolio has become the most popular and very sought after style not only in Chicago and Austin TX, but really all the mid west and Texas. Women as far as Utah and Philadelphia have flown to Chicago to do a Secret Diva session and in Texas, I have had ladies coming all the way from Dallas, Houston and Corpus Christy. I feel honored by these women that make such a huge trip to be photographed by me and I only hope I can always meet their expectations.

I now have many ladies returning to my studio for new portfolios and I feel that it is only fair offer a different style of photography, still the equal sensuality and elegance, but definitely a different feel and mood to the pDSC_0155hotography.

I have created a new Boudoir Collection called “Alter Ego” and it is designed to create images that dig into the inner hidden fantasies of each woman. This Alter Ego experience will explore a woman’s fantasies of incarnating a different personality, bring out the fantasies and deepest desires to feel sensual, dominant, submissive, aggressive, exotic, etc. The theme of this session has no limit but my client’s own.

I recently did an Alter Ego session with three different Egos. The first one was inspired by Pinup-Burlesque celebrity Dita Von Tesse. I love Dita and so does my client. I recruited a fashion makeup artist to do the sensual pinup look with amazing results. My client bought amazing hair extensions that matched her hair color perfectly and added length and volume to her hair for a very romantic curls.


I needed to create a very intimate and seductive environment so, instead of using the “light room” white bed with white sheets and white tufted headboard that I use for the Secret Diva sessions, I decided to shoot in the upstairs loft where I have a very intimate bedroom/living room setting.

The light from the table lamps renders a very warm environment. The fur blanket added a sensual and luxurious feel to the images and my client brought the perfect outfit that was paired with a great statement necklace to add the “expensive” factor!

After 30 minutes of shooting in this set and creating about 100 images, we returned to the makeup room for a new look. This time, our inspiration was 100% burlesque. Have you DSC_0220
seen the move “Chicago”?. How about the movie “Burlesque” with Christina Aguilera and Cher? I had just watched Burlesque two nights before so I was ready and fired up!

The upstairs loft has also vintage wood floors and has wall to wall silk curtains in chocolate color. I added a red spot light to create the fabulous burlesque lighting (I will be getting more in the future). The red light just looked amazing as an accent, it spilled over the curtains and created a nice rim of red light on the side of my client.

I played with a chair, a trunk and a couch to play with the poses and create a variety of strong images.

The makeup was accentuated to a more smokey look with intense red lips. My client brought several natural and artificial hair wigs and we settled in the black bob wig to create a very “Catherine Zeta-Jones” look from the movie “Chicago”.

Different hats were considered and we settled for this cop hat acquired at a Halloween store. Perfect timing, because Halloween is this week so the stores are fully stocked with customs and props!DSC_0262

The hat had a cop’s badge that we had to cut to create the burlesque look. We added stripped high-thighs and fortunately, I had the perfect boots above the knees to compliment her killer legs!

The transformation that my client underwent was amazing, she looked like a totally different person and if I had seen her on the street I would have not recognized her! We even named her character, she was “Trixxie”!

The second “Alter Ego” look took another hour to create, between hair and makeup and the actual shoot. I created about 200 images to chose from and it was so difficult to narrow them down to the final five.

The third “Alter Ego” look was a combination of Gothic with Dominatrix look. We again proceeded to change the DSC_0433
makeup and add a row of lower lid eyelashes and deep blue glitter eye shadow. Also, a second set of upper lid eyelashes were added after the Dita Von Teese look and stayed during the rest of the shoot.

My client got a great black body suit with a lace skirt from a Halloween store also and her red wig was of natural hair. We added a cute black hat to most of the session but it does not show in these two images.

The same boots used in the Burlesque Alter Ego were used for the Dominatrix Ego but without any stockings.

We again used the same black gloves from the Dita Von Teese Ego to add more drama to this look.DSC_0454

We named our Dominatrix girl “Bebette” and although we loved all our different Alter Ego girls, at this point we are sooooo warmed up and in “The Zone” that we as a team of model, makeup artist and photographer, were just kicking ass!

I continued shooting in the upstairs loft for half the session and used the silk green couch there. I continued using also the red spot light that intensified the red hair wig.

Then we moved to the downstairs main shooting area. By now it is dark outside and I can use my studio light equipment to create a very dramatic light on my client that accentuated her curves and made the textures of her outfit stand out.

Her makeup was so amazing, she looked like a character coming straight out of a movie.

Finally, I wanted to try a new piece of furniture that I got recently. I wasn’t planning on doing this but since it was dark, I wanted to play a little with this chaise and see what I could come up with.

We didn’t change the makeup, my client only got in a set of tan and black lingerie and we quickly reseted
DSC_0542 her hair to a  messy look. It was kind of flat after wearing those wigs. I was not disappointed at all. This was the first time I played with this chaise and this lighting and I love the dramatic poses I created.

The day was so exciting that we did not eat all day. We downloaded all the 600+ images created and it took us two hours to narrow them down to 50 images to create an album for my client.

After four different Alter Egos and eight straight hours at the studio, we wrapped up feeling like we just won an Oscar, all three of us!

This is by far one of the most rewarding photo session I have done in a long time from the creative stand point and I’m so excited to be able to offer it to you, normal, regular women who will never be a celebrity or a model but just want to feel like one.And you can! Regardless of whether you choose a Secret Diva Boudoir Session or an Alter Ego Boudoir Session, you will be transformed from “normal” to “celebrity” status!

Here is a photo of  my client looking as her normal, every day self. Her reason to do this type of session is herDSC_0167 copy desire to express her inner fantasies and feel a combination of being beautiful, sensual, exotic and dramatic. This is a proof that ANY every day woman can be transformed to look like something different, just like celebrities get transformed for their roles in the movies. She does not have the “perfect” body, or the perfect face, skin, height, etc. What she has is the “perfect” attitude and the burning desire to do something the empowers her as a woman that will carry her through her life every single day.

This was an extreme Alter Ego session and I don’t expect most of my clients to be up for this challenge and this type of investment. The most realistic situation for most of you that wish to do this Alter Ego session, is to consider adding one Alter Ego look to the Secret Diva session for a total of two hours shooting time. The first hour will be the Secret Diva session. After this session, you will return to the beauty salon to transform your look to your preferred Alter Ego. This will take about one hour. After this, we will proceed to shoot for one hour and you can change into two different outfits to create variety with that hair and makeup look.

I expect your time at the studio will be six to seven hours instead of four to complete the full experience and you will be alternating makeup room and shooting room time with other ladies. If you have a bigger vision or wish to have an exclusive Alter Ego session just for you and our full attention, you will need to be scheduled on a Monday to do your session. If you prefer this route, you really must be willing to create an amazing album with a minimum of 50 images to make it worth your time and investment.

If you wish to learn more about the Alter Ego Boudoir Session, please don’t hesitate to call me at 630-667-4633. Better yet, access my personal calendar here to pick the best time and day for me to give you a call and plan for your Alter Ego session!

I hope you love these images as much as I do and you bring exciting and original ideas to your Alter Ego Photography Session!


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