How To Be Sexy, Most of the Time

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One of the most beautiful women in the world, Sofia Vergara, said: No one can be a sex kitten every day, and anyone who is telling you that is lying. I absolutely agree with her. I believe that the sensual creature that you are is carried inside. This is possible to achieve more often than […]

My Life Will Not Be A Regret…

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I wanted to write a blog that has nothing to do with boudoir photography but it does have a lot to do about empowerment. I hope these words help inspire someone reading this. As I reflect back to the past 12 months since my father left us, I see all the things that have happened […]

The Goddess Project: Shine

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10 Women Strip Down & Share Their Thoughts On Body Image In this short film, 10 young women were invited to come together, shed their layers, and return to nature. By removing comparisons, competition, and conditioning, they were given a space to look inward. What remains? Embraced individuality. What can be seen? The potential to […]