10 Most Popular Boudoir Poses

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I was recently asked by a client, if I were to photograph the top 10 boudoir poses that every woman selects at my boudoir studio, which would they be?

The truth is, I can’t only photograph 10 boudoir poses in a boudoir session, I would be done, literally in 10 minutes! I photograph around 40 to 50 different boudoir poses in a regular one hour boudoir session. I can’t possibly know what my client is going to like. Some women love certain poses and other prefer different ones. Everybody is different and what I like and consider the most popular, might not be a client’s favorite. However, in the past four years of my career as a boudoir photographer, I have evolved a lot. I started with a series of 20 poses in a 11×14 studio and when I moved to my 4000 sq. feet vintage studio, the amount boudoir poses I have created in the last two years has exploded! Not only have I created unique signature boudoir poses, but I have different lighting techniques that combined with poses, facial expressions and lingerie outfit changes, I deliver around 150 images in a regular one hour boudoir session.

It becomes very challenging over time for me to create fresh and unique boudoir images for two main reasons:

1.- Many of my clients decide to include three to four lingerie outfits and when you add the implied nudes and a man’s shirt or jersey, that creates five different “looks” that must be photographed very different from one another and avoid repetition of poses. I need to have a good arsenal of poses with these many outfit changes.

2.- Many of my clients return for a second or third boudoir session on average one year after their previous boudoir session. You heard right, one year later! They tell me they loved their images so much and had so much fun, they want to repeat the experience, now that they know what to expect, with new lingerie and new props. Many return just to do a full nude boudoir session. This is because they realize the comfort and privacy at the studio and they feel comfortable allowing me to photograph them nude, they know they will get very tasteful and artistic images.

Now that I have built my new lightbox, I added so far 10 more poses to my collection with this new technique with great results and popularity. Here are the 10 most popular boudoir poses that I see most of my clients select for their boudoir album, the other 10 to 20 are a combination of many others but these 10, are by far the 10 boudoir poses that I see selected every time.

DSC_0040 DSC_0061 DSC_0067 DSC_0083 DSC_0089-8x10 DSC_0091 DSC_0096 DSC_0123 DSC_0142 DSC_0234

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