Love Your Body: Week Two Introduces the Pleasure of Feminine Spark!

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We’re now officially into week 2 of our Love Your Body: 6 Weeks to Healthy Living Challenge (haven’t joined us yet? Mosey on over to the Facebook group to get plugged in!) and I wanted to share some of my reflections from last week as well as tell you more about what’s to come this week. If you think this is just about eating right and getting your buns moving, you thought wrong, because things are going to get juicy real soon. . . .

As I said before, I wanted to start off the challenge with the fundamentals: taking care of our one and only body. So last week was all about getting honest about where we were and where we wanted to go with our food and exercise goals.

Get On the Floor Dance Co. at Art of Seduction Chicago

Steve and Franny, our instructors at Get On the Floor

I managed to do pretty well with my eating goals, and I had a blast at Get On the Floor brushing up my rumba skills with Anthony. Though I spent most of the week busting my butt at the gym (my trainer really worked me!) and feeling sore at all times, I did notice a tremendous spike in my energy (this was honest, un-caffeinated goodness!). We managed to dance the night away at a wedding last Friday, and I could have danced all night. (Steve and Franny at Get On the Floor will be so proud at our lesson tonight. ;))

dirty ballroom shoes

Officially broken in my dancing shoes! Dirty dancing, indeed.

However, I did struggle tremendously with the most important facet to fitness, which is recovery. Though I did alternate strength and cardio days, my sleep schedule was still all over the place, and one of my goals for the challenge is to get to bed by 11 each night. This is so easier said than done, of course, for me, so I know now that this has to be an emphasis during week 2. I suppose I can call this my R&R week, as I’ve also scheduled a massage for tomorrow. (Ahhh. Pure. Bliss.)

The reason rest and recovery is so essential to our growth and health is because it’s during that time that our cells recover, muscle tissue builds, and we actually become stronger. Without adequate sleep, cortisol (the stress hormone) increases, along with abdominal fat, and our brainpower suffers. A lot of people these days seem to push sleep to the backburner as though it’s just something we do that we don’t actually need — interestingly, the more nourished we are, the less we do need sleep because we then start to build reserves of energy. Since life pretty much is pure energy, I’m down with building those reserves!

Anyway, I promised things would become more fun this week and they totally are. I’m super-excited because this Friday, the next Red Tent Revival begins. Last year, I attended the first one, and it was a game changer. Thanks to the Red Tent Revival and its subsequent Pleasure Tribe, I learned all about the beauty that is womanhood: How our hormones affect our bodies (did you know that being uncomfortable during your period is NOT actually normal? Or that stubborn weight loss always comes down to hormone imbalance?), how pleasure — of all kinds — plays a vital role in our lives, and even how to bellydance!

Art of Seduction signature pose by bellydancer

Bellydancing was one of my absolute favorites from the Red Tent Revival. Give it a try; you might surprise yourself!

In the last Red Tent Revival, Kristin (creator of the movement) kicked off each evening with a live dance lesson: sensual dance, bellydance, burlesque, Africal tribal dance . . . and it was so fricking fun. The dance sessions were then followed by interviews with women’s health and pleasure experts, like Saida of The Succulence Revolution and Dr. Sara Gottfried of The Hormone Cure.

Kristin Sweeting Morelli of the Red Tent Revival

It spoke to me because I often get stuck in my own head. I wanted to channel some of that stuck energy down into my body and get moving, get in touch with my feminine spark! The Red Tent Revival taught me so much, from the spiritual to the scientific, about what it means to be fully tapped in to my womanhood and how to live my life turned on. It’s not just about being sexy or confident (though these are hugely important, of course), but about being present and using the gifts that are our birthright as women.

Lauren in the noir studio at Art of Seduction ChicagoAre you interested in feeling juicy and delicious? About learning how to access your feminine energy rather than stuffing it away in favor of a hyper-masculine society?

I’ve watched my relationship with my body, as well as my relationship with Anthony, become softer, more loving, and much more passionate (and not necessarily in the obvious ways) as we’ve practiced strengthening our roles using my feminine spark and his masculinity. It’s changed my life.

I want to bring this gift to you — even if you think you’re too busy or it’s all hogwash — listen, the lady who created the Red Tent has been a self-made multimillionaire since she was in her 20s. She used to be all “Go, go, go,” and I’ve seen her physically change in the last year as I’ve followed her in the Pleasure Tribe. Everything about the Red Tent is perfect for this Love Your Body challenge, so I’m bringing her genius to you — and the insights from succulence experts from around the world that she’s bringing to the tent.

If this speaks to you, then take part in this week’s assignment and register for the Red Tent — it’s completely free. Do yourself a big favor: invite your girlfriends, your sisters, your mom . . . and shake it. You’ll be glad you did.

And don’t forget to join the Facebook community where #6whealthy challengers are keeping each other accountable!

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