Love Your Body Week One – Green Smoothie Recipe & Tips of the Day

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How’s your week 1 going? I gotta tell you, having the Facebook group keeping each other going really helps me stay accountable to my Love Your Body goals. If you’re not already following the challenge on Facebook, join it now because there’s so much inspiration going in there every day.

In case anyone is wondering, I’m going to address the question I’m sure many of you Love Your Body Challengers are wondering but not asking: Why am I the only one from Art of Seduction posting my activity like a madwoman?

Maybe it’s because I needed to revive my own blog about stroke rehab. Maybe it’s because I was disappointed in my current fitness level since the move into our new apartment swiftly took over my life. Or maybe because I love social media and I’m an obnoxious sharer.

I’ll admit — it’s all of the above. However, more accurately, the reason why Argentina has been more hush-hush this week is because she’s currently shooting at our new studio in Austin, Texas! The entire Love Your Body: 6 Weeks to Healthy Living Challenge was her idea in the first place (as much as I’d love to take credit for it), so she’ll definitely rock it once she’s back in Chicago.

Anyway, even though Art of Seduction is approaching the challenge from the angle of loving your body and improving self-image, I wanted to take this opportunity to share one of my favorite green smoothie recipes.

all-natural green detox smoothie

I started making these smoothies well over a year ago just out of curiosity, and I found that I’d actually stopped drinking coffee — because I didn’t need the energy boost! — it’s a great way to detox your system and give yourself a natural dose of live green energy. Also, you can adjust its proportions to suit your taste, so if your palate still has a ways to go before appreciating the bitter nature of a lot of dark leafy greens, you can play around with it or add your favorite shake powders. I like to throw in random stuff sometimes just out of curiosity, say, fresh dill, but this simple recipe is the basis for every green smoothie I make.

I know Argentina has her own version of her favorite green smoothie, so maybe we can get her to share hers later.

The reason I’ve been focusing most on fitness this week is because I truly believe that in order to truly love my body, I have to first take care of it. It’s kind of a self-fueling cycle: we take good care of what we love, don’t we? So week 1 for me has been going back to the basics in self-care.

Next week, while I’ll of course continue sharing my fitness activities with the Facebook community, I’ll move the focus more onto one of my favorite subjects: embracing my feminine spark. (See the end of this post for links to previous posts on the subject.) There’s another free Red Tent Revival event launching in a couple weeks, which I’m SO excited about because everyone can participate in that!

Loving your body is all about feeling beautiful, comfortable, and confident in your own skin. I don’t know what better way than to foster a genuine sense of freedom and “juiciness.” If the Red Tent Revival and the Pleasure Tribe (which you’ll learn about in more detail during Red Tent) has taught me anything, it’s to feel absolutely yummy in who I am. The difference between being a passive observer and an active participant has made a tremendous shift in my energy and in my experience.

In fact, today is Pleasure Tribe “class”! We’ll be doing sensual dance (one of my favorites). Last week, I decided to go all in and slipped on a teddy (yes, I was by myself) as class was in session. WOW! (Sounds like a good homework assignment?) I think I’ll do the same this afternoon.

Since I finally figured out how to put together a Facebook album in the group, I’ll take this opportunity to catch you up on our daily tips, as well (which I suppose I could do at the end of each week on Saturday blog posts).

Tips of the day 1-4

Remember to follow #loveyourbody and #6whealthy

Happy week 1! It’s winding down — let’s take it a day at a time and work through it together. Don’t forget to rest!

How to Reignite your Feminine Spark:

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