Love Your Body Challenge Week One: Getting Started

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Yesterday kicked off our Love Your Body: 6 Weeks to Healthy Living Challenge! Have you joined our official Facebook group where all the action is taking place? If not — what are you waiting for? All you’ve got to lose is the blahs!

So now that day one has officially ended, I wanted to give you all a lowdown for what to expect for the following six weeks.

Each Monday, in the Facebook group, Art of Seduction will announce its “homework assignment” for the week — it’ll be relatively easy, yet challenge you to do something different and celebrate you, your body, and the fact that you are a woman! Argentina and I will do the homework assignments ourselves during the week and report back later on, probably around Saturday. Since Monday sort of came and went in a snap, this week’s assignment will be released later today.

Challenges are most fun when done with others — so we highly encourage you to participate! You can follow the challenge with the hashtags #6whealthy and #loveyourbody on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Post your progress on the Facebook group and don’t be shy! No one’s judging; we’re there for you to keep you progressing toward your goals!

6 Weeks to Healthy Living hashtags

Speaking of, each day Art of Seduction will release at least one #tipoftheday on social media (i.e., not necessarily on the blog). Monday’s tip was on goal setting, so I’d like to repeat it, since it’s early on in the week as well as in the challenge.

Goals are far more likely to be achieved when they’re written down. Not only should they be written down, but they are much more likely to happen if you clarify what you’re going after in clear, quantifiable terms.

For instance, rather than saying “I want to lose weight,” simplify it by breaking it down in measurable steps that will bring you towards that goal. Say, create a goal like “Strength train three times a week and do cardio on alternating two days.” This is clear AND you can easily tell whether you did it or not.

As you progress through the six weeks, I highly encourage you track your progress. (You can do this in a journal or just in a small notebook you keep specifically for these six weeks.) By the time we hit the challenge midway, it will be time to reassess your goals and see if you can actually up the ante — say, when you started out, maybe you only strength trained once or twice, but now that you’re starting week four you’re breezing through your original goal of three times each week. At this point, perhaps you readjust your goal by adding an extra day of cardio, totaling six days of weekly workouts. Make sense?

Tracking your progress and letting others keep you accountable will separate you from the “vaguely interested” to the truly committed. Healthy living is all about the small, cumulative efforts made over long periods of time.

We can’t wait to see where this journey brings you! Me, I’m off to personal training this morning, where my trainer will weigh me, take my body fat, take my measurements (gulp), and take a dreaded “before” picture . . . and then tonight Anthony and I are off to Get On the Floor for our next ballroom lesson!

What are your goals during this challenge?

Mine are:

  • 11pm bedtime each night
  • strength train 3x/week, with two alternating cardio days
  • yoga once/week
  • 80% vegan/plant-based diet
  • try two new healthy recipes a week

Share yours in the comments below! If you haven’t joined us on Facebook yet, do so here.

To your health!

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