Meet Our New Diva Ambassador Stephanie!

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This image brought Stephanie to tears of amazement after her shoot!

I’d like to introduce you to an exciting new member of our Art of Seduction team, our new Diva Ambassador Stephanie!

Unlike the rest of us, though, Stephanie is not an employee of the studio, but rather, our guest. She attended the call for auditions for the new Diva Ambassador position, and we handpicked her to represent you in our new Diva Ambassador video series.

You might be curious — what is a Diva Ambassador? Straight from our auditions’ informational sheet:

A Diva Ambassador is a relatable, everyday woman. She is NOT a supermodel or a flawless, walking bombshell who is a natural in front of the camera; she is a woman with insecurities, who is vulnerable and honest….In short, she represents the average woman who could benefit from the confidence and empowerment that boudoir photography can offer.

Stephanie just experienced her Full Secret Diva boudoir session this past Sunday, and we filmed her every step of the way, from checking out images online for inspiration, to shopping for her outfits, to the photoshoot and the viewing gallery! In a week or so, she’s going to pick up her album and conclude the video series! We can’t wait to release it!

Because Stephanie was picked out of a group of ordinary women, and didn’t know what to expect, she’s here to help you understand exactly what she went through. You’ll be able to meet her in person at our upcoming open houses, where we’ll debut her video, and you can ask her any questions you like about the boudoir experience at Art of Seduction.

In the meantime, you can get to know Stephanie a little bit:


Why did you decide to try out to be our Diva Ambassador?

I thought I would be good for the position because I am a woman with very real insecurities that I experience every day. Also, I am a “closet body-shamer.” Overall, I try to be a positive person, but I let my negative self-image get in the way. I have been trying to change these negative thoughts and habits, and was hoping auditioning for the Diva Ambassador would not only help me take steps to turn around my negative self-image, but also help others do the same. I auditioned because my body is far from perfect, but it does not mean I cannot or should not celebrate it, and help other women feel inspired to do the same.

How did you feel when you found out you’d been chosen?

I was very excited and nervous! I felt excited to help inspire other women and nervous to put myself out there in the form of a boudoir shoot. There is no way to “hide” during that kind of experience; you just have to be bold and go for it. Each day I got closer to the shoot I got more excited and more nervous!

Now that you’ve had your shoot, how would you describe the experience?

It was very fun and very empowering! I felt so beautiful during the shoot and the direction I got from Argentina and the Diva Ambassador 2014 Stephanie  wearing Sox jerseyfeeling of the shoot was so relaxed! Argentina knew exactly what she was doing and it was so professional and moved quickly. I was being directed, but I felt sassy and feminine.

It surprised me how comfortable I felt being mostly undressed — and photographed! As someone who doesn’t even like to undress in front if her own husband, I was amazed at how calm and comfortable I felt. The Art of Seduction ROCKS IT when it comes to an enjoyable, efficient, and comfortable experience! The image you see up top actually brought me to tears because it helped me to see myself the way other people, like my husband, do, for the first time.

Stephanie getting her makeover

Stephanie getting her makeover at the studio, pre-shoot

Who do you hope to reach with your Diva Ambassadorship?

I hope to help any woman who has felt uncomfortable in her own skin. Whether you have been body-shamed by yourself or someone else, I hope my experience can help you find your own beauty. Even if you struggle to see yourself as beautiful, at least try turning negative thoughts into positive ones and be grateful for any tiny thing about your body you can think of. Changing one small thought at a time can make a huge difference. I hope to help any woman who has been too intimidated to put herself out there. I never would have thought I would do this at my current “heaviest” weight, but I did, and it was a phenomenal experience that taught me to be fearless!

When I posted one of my images to Facebook that same afternoon, I got tons of encouragement from my friends . . . I was truly shocked by all the positive feedback! Still am. This is what I told them:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the amazing compliments and positive response!! Being an extra curvy girl doing this was really not easy for me. But as the Diva Ambassador, my goal is to help women see that you are beautiful, even if you are not a size 0, and doing something kind of scary and putting yourself out there can have massively positive and powerful results. I originally said “No way!!” to doing a boudoir shoot, but when I realized I could audition to be an ambassador and help women just like myself who body-shame themselves everyday, I just couldn’t pass it up. Again, thank you so much!!

Any last thoughts?

As cheesy as it might sound, an attitude of gratitude goes an incredibly long way. Although amazing, this experience did not completely “fix” me of my insecurities, but it was a wonderful start. It forced me to look at myself in another way, to see myself through other people’s eyes. It pushed me to appreciate and embrace my imperfect self and realize being “plus size” does not make me any less valuable. Sometimes you have to do something you never thought you would do to inspire change. Be bold. Love yourself. Follow your heart. And if an opportunity comes your way, be open to it. You never know what fascinating things you may learn about yourself along the way.

A boudoir shoot is something I think every woman should do at least once in her life!!

If you’d like to see Stephanie get transformed from no makeup to mini-makeover, then get posed and photographed just like all our Divas (only for 10 minutes!) in our new Diva Ambassador live demo, RSVP to our upcoming open houses, where you’ll get to ask any of your burning questions to Stephanie directly. (You can ask the staff as well, but the Diva Ambassador’s job is to bridge that gap between you and us, because she is actually one of you!)

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 2.36.13 AM

See you there!

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