Boudoir Albums, the Best Way to Preserve Your Beauty

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You finally decided to do a boudoir session, great! You go shopping for outfits, you spend hours preparing for your session, and the day is finally here.

72Before AfterYou get an amazing makeover with our fabulous makeup artist Jennifer in your first hour at the studio, and then you change into your first
outfit. You are nervous, but at this point, you are less worried and decide, “What the heck, I can’t change my mind now!”




_MG_5549 copyYour session lasts about an hour and as the time progresses, you start to see that there was nothing to worry about; you just need to follow Argentina’s instructions. At the end of your session, you are so relaxed, you don’t hesitate to go pseudo-“commando” for some implied nude photos!

You are finally finished and changed into your regular clothes and start going through your images . . . You are amazed at how beautiful and hot you look and you like them all!

The staff helps you narrow down your selections to the top 30 or 40 images and now it’s time to make decisions. How do you want to preserve your images?

Most ladies are not ready to display themselves on a wall in sexy poses, and digital files are just zeroes and ones stored on a disk that you might look at once in a while and won’t give you the same experience as a tangible image.

What is the best way to preserve your images? BOUDOIR ALBUMS! They are perfect because they are discrete, elegant, and tangible. You can curl up in bed on a day that you are feeling not so good and flip through the pages, starting to make you feel better little by little, while you remember that you are indeed beautiful and sexy.

Boudoir AlbumsAt Art of Seduction Boudoir Photography, you will have a lot of input on your Album design and Digital Magic (retouching) so you have the perfect images. With your album, you will receive a copy of ALL your images, including the enhanced images from your album! After everything you went through to do a boudoir session, we don’t want you to just settle for 20 or 30 images, we want you to have the ALL!

Our most popular album is the Couture Album with 20 and 30 images. For the discriminate Diva, we have our Artisan Handmade Album with a completely custom cover and 40+ images. Below, I explain in the video all the different types of albums in detail. . . .

Whatever album you decide to choose to preserve your images, we can assure you will look at your images over and over, year after year, and after some time, you will want to do it again!

I can’t wait to see you at the studio for your boudoir experience!

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