Love Your Body 2014 Continues with the Pleasure Tribe . . .

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Art of Seduction presents Love Your Body campaign for 2014

How did your January fare? Now that we’ve effectively transitioned into February — the month of love! — some of you may be wondering if I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth because my “resolutions” didn’t work out.

While apparently, only 8% of people who make resolutions actually stick to them (, I assure you this is not the reason for my disappearance last month. A work in progress for a long while was to finally move out of the house I’ve lived at since 1996(!), and as you can imagine, the sheer amount of stuff had kept me thinking of little else but packing, storage, and what to do in my new, but temporary, space between homes. I apologize for the radio silence, but on the plus side, I have loads to tell you in the coming days.

Despite the chaos, I have made it a priority to continue my Love Your Body intention. Alongside working out and making sure I eat well (both of which — admittedly — have suffered, but only a bit, during the move), I’d like to share something a little bit personal, yet I believe needs to be shared in a big way.

Kristin Sweeting Morelli - Pleasure Tribe - Red Tent RevivalBack in November, I shared a free online event by Kristin Sweeting Morelli, a Colorado-based energy-work Internet entrepreneur who made her millions in her 20s (she also created a podcast on iTunes that was second only to Oprah). The event was called the Red Tent Revival, and what caught my eye and intrigued me was that she had obviously done a boudoir shoot of her own. So I checked it out.

Because of Kristin’s early financial success, you’d think she had it made — and in many ways, she has. But she discovered eventually that the go-go-go lifestyle that brought her that external success and put pleasure off till later (“Right. I’ll have fun when I finish the 6454357 things on my plate”) was suffocating her. (Can you relate?)

So she tapped in to pleasure and made it a priority. In her exploration of all things pleasurable — natural, organic, clean eating and skincare practices; dance; balancing the hormones in the body; and of course, sex — it wasn’t long before Kristin realized she had a duty to bring this to all women everywhere. Women who attempt to be Supermoms, women who are ambitious and career-driven, and women who wear their stress like a merit badge (kinda like I just did at the beginning of this post).

If you’ve been following my Feminine Spark series, you’ll know that I personally believe we (the women!) tend to shove that which is most important under the rug: the source of our power is within us, in our bodies — thanks to (not in spite of!) our birthright as women. We were biologically made for creating and growing life inside of us. It is intricately and invasively part of our bodies, our DNA, and therefore, cannot be ignored.

Now, even if you’re a woman who has no children or has absolutely no interest in ever having any, it doesn’t matter. Obviously, we’ve evolved past simply believing our only purpose in life is to have kids, or that sex is purely a means to that end. Being in touch with our fundamental and primal needs is not only natural and healthy, but absolutely necessary.

So what was the Red Tent Revival? In its own words, “Dare to be turned on, tapped in, and lit up from the inside out.” Less vaguely, the free five-day event was centered around the importance of — and need for — pleasure in our lives.

Each night began with a brief dance session ranging from freestyle to sensual to tribal(!) dance, and was then followed with some amazing interviews between Kristin and various experts, including Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Harvard-trained MD and author of The Hormone Cure and Saida Desilets of The Succulence Revolution.

What a fascinating event! It truly resonated with me, as I do feel my most powerful when I tap into my Erotic Creature (most notably if I’m just dancing sexily on my own). The experience is second to none — but only if you truly let go and let it take you there.

At the conclusion of the Revival, I opted to join Kristin’s Pleasure Tribe, an online community of women who want to delve deeper into the realm of becoming juicy, empowered, feminine women for (at least) six months. I even won a free copy of The Hormone Cure for being one of the first 100 to sign up. (I’ve learned that I have a cortisol imbalance — surprise, surprise.)

Each Thursday, we begin with a dance session and finish with an interactive Q&A with a different pleasure expert. Today is particularly exciting because Saida Desilets is returning with a three-part workshop that begins this afternoon.

Remember our friends, the coquettes at Kiss Kiss Cabaret? They're our favorite burlesque dancers here in Chicago 🙂

February kicked off with burlesque, which has been particularly cute and fun. Various Pleasure Tribe members have been sharing images of flirty outfits they’ve put together for their dance sessions (Tribe members have access to a private Facebook group where we can share our “aha” and “ah-oh” moments with each other as we follow the “course”). Did I mention these dance sessions (and Q&As for that matter) are streamed LIVE?

So through the Pleasure Tribe and the way it tackles feminine well being at various angles, my Love Your Body campaign is in full swing. Thank goodness, as I don’t think there’s any better time than the month of love to get back in touch with you and what makes you yummy.

shakira she wolf


As I continue to explore this Love Your Body journey, I will be sure to keep you posted in hopes that you’ll be inspired to try it for yourself! Beyond the Pleasure Tribe, my next step is to do my “she wolf” photoshoot with Argentina! It’s been rescheduled a couple times, so now it’s set for March. I can’t wait to share my new images with you — perhaps there will be a visible transformation from my last shoot . . . I suppose we’ll see!

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Till next week! Stay tuned . . .

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