It’s All About the Drama

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Back in June we explored the element of fantasy in the realm of boudoir photography. It seems I may have left out a huge part of fantasy in that article, so let’s talk about it today.

Drama: It’s something we’d like to leave behind in high school, alongside embarrassing fashion faux pas and awkward moments with the opposite sex. But! Drama is everything when it comes to boudoir photography.

There’s just something about photography that totally downplays the details of everyday life — because photography is all about zooming in on a tiny part of the big picture (I’d like to say “no pun intended,” but I’d be lying), it calls for drama in a big way.

No, I’m not suggesting that you channel a drag queen’s absolute fantasy into your photoshoot, but you will definitely notice a huge difference between “everyday you” and “boudoir you.” Why do you think the vast majority of our clients opt to have our hair and makeup pros doll them up? (It’s not just because we said so. It’s because the difference is night and day, plus, you’re cheating yourself out of the diva experience if you opt out.)

Hair & Makeup.

before & after makeover at Art of Seduction

In last week’s post on the five tweaks you can make to take your images from “nice” to “wowza!” I already reviewed the importance of things like airbrushing and eyelashes. Having your hair and makeup done a bit over-the-top for daytime (think big curls and a smokey eye) as well as the lashes and airbrush really does the trick without looking tacky and overdone.

If you don’t believe me, I have an assignment for you: Get yourself the biggest, most flamboyant (drag queen friendly, even) set of fake eyelashes you can find. Put them on, and have someone take a normal picture of you. Then, let your jaw drop in surprise at how undramatic (yet awesome) your eyes appear in the photo.

I know a girl who dressed as Adele for Halloween, and when she Facebooked her photo, a friend commented, “You should wear eyelashes every day!”

Adele with gloves

Adele, via

You know how she responded? She said, “I could never wear them all the time! No one in the office could take me seriously all day; they were so distracting, but for some reason that isn’t translated into the photo.”

Mmyup. Upgrading to fake lashes for your shoot will only amp up your bedroom eyes, not look silly, regardless of what you see in the mirror. Of course, some sets of eyelashes are better than others; it really depends on your set of peepers.

It’s not just limited to makeup and eyelashes, though. High drama is needed in every aspect of your photo shoot, from head to toe (what Tyra Banks calls “modeling H2T,” but since we direct you with posing, I’m enlisting your help with the details that are up to you).


This means, you need to bring some high-impact outfits. For guidance, flip through a Victoria’s Secret catalog and take note of the most standout pictures based on lingerie. We send you an informational page filled with advice as to what to wear once you book your session with us, but there’s also plenty on the blog (here and here) and Pinterest (here) to help you out. Don’t wear the underwear that you literally wear under your clothes every day! Plain, solid neutrals photograph pretty boringly, and you may end up wishing you had chosen something more daring. Lace, hosiery, garters — all friends.

Allison at Art of Seduction


When considering accessories, less is not necessarily more. Yes, it’s true, if your lingerie is very lacy and aesthetically complex, you don’t want to distract from it by covering your limbs in statement jewelry. But you should wear more jewelry than you’re used to in the everyday, just as you’ll be wearing more makeup and lingerie than your daily life. Wearing big earrings with long necklaces is a great idea on camera — especially if you have long hair. In most cases, our divas have their hair curled, and it covers just enough of the big earrings to downplay their size. Again, I advise against very simple lingerie, but if you do opt to wear it, you’d be impressed by what a bit of bling can do!

pearls on Art of Seduction signature pose

Other accessories.

Don’t forget some killer heels and garters, gloves, or stockings. (Check out our post on the difference between stockings and thigh highs.)

hot pink lace peep toe stiletto

image via Shoe Box Porn on Facebook

Props are also a great accent for upping the drama in your boudoir images. It’s not that they need to be larger than life, but they definitely add a bit of personality to your session. For instance, we’ve had Woman of Strength Debbie with her pointe shoes, me with my riding crop (which I bought specifically for the shoot, and even went out of my way to lengthen for drama!), and a lot of our divas come in with their significant others’ dress shirts. I’m personally a fan of bringing his tie — all great to supplement your photos with, and will really help make your images unique to you.

All this said, reintroduce yourself to drama and you’ll increase the exciting fantasy factor in all your images, which will make you fall absolutely in love with yourself!

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