Lingerie for the Boudoir Demystified, Part One

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bustier, black and white

Sexy skivvies off- and on-camera are two different things. What often looks great on the runway, the mannequin, or in the bedroom sometimes falls flat in photographs. We’ve worked with hundreds of women of all body types, so trust us, we know what works and what doesn’t. Here are three rules of thumb to follow as you try on your outfits — after all, boudoir photography is an investment made to last you forever, so you’ll want to make sure you love what you’re wearing!

Breast support is key.
Some of us love ’em, others want more of ’em, and some have a LOT of ’em. Obviously, it’s not just in October that we have to support our breasts! No matter your size, breast support in your lingerie is fundamental to your garment fitting you and photographing well. If your boobs are on the modest side, support (and maybe a little padding) will hold what you’ve got up and give them some oomph. Breasts are shaped and sized differently, and the right kind of support will help ensure that your tatas look divalicious with the perfect amount of cleavage and hold.

curvy girl boudoir

Teddies, bustiers, and corsets: get to know them.
We’ve found that these are more or less universally flattering. Teddies typically offer plenty of breast support, they cover up troublesome midsections, and offer interest because they often include garters. They’re a bit more form-fitting than babydolls, which are loose and sometimes actually have flaps to bare the belly, so they offer a nice shape that is rather camera-friendly. Corsets also cinch the waist and create a very feminine silhouette. Bustiers, in contrast, really give your girls a wow factor by lifting and cupping them nicely and covering the stomach.

Bustier from via Pinterest)

Bra and panties sets bring up their own concerns outside of whether your favorite bodypart is your tummy, so unless it is, these are a really nice way to go (more on bras and panties in the next installment). Our retouching magic will definitely smooth out any problem areas, but it definitely helps to keep the job simpler!

As for length, a corset or a bustier should reach all the way down your abdomen. Short corsets and bustiers will give the illusion of a shorter torso, and unless your belly is quite flat, usually end up drawing attention to any kind of bulge down there. (Believe me, I’m familiar with the issue.)

For shape, note that a corset with a straight-cut top will lose your breasts if they are smaller, and actually lose them if they are larger. By this, I mean they’ll tumble out as you try to pose. (Very little is less sexy than having to tuck things in while trying to appear sultry.) Also, those teddies that resemble aprons? Supercute off camera, but often not too flattering in boudoir shoots.

Heart-shaped corsets that are built with a breast enhancing cut will really create a gorgeous, female hourglass shape. If you have a more ample bosom, consider a corset with straps, which will help keep your girls in place as you move around. Laces on a corset are best with thicker laces and the ties in the midback as opposed to top or bottom.

Alternatively, you can also take a look at waist cinchers, which are like mini corsets for just your middle. Some stay right around the thinnest part of the waist and others ride lower and come with garter straps.

waist cincher

Waist cincher & bra via

Don’t go sheer-crazy.
While see-through undergarments will certainly drive your significant other wild, Argentina suggests keeping materials solid. As I’ve mentioned before, Art of Seduction’s boudoir photography is much more about what is suggested rather than what’s said, so we prefer not to distract from your beautiful face by exposing your lady parts. This isn’t to say you have to avoid lace or other exciting fabrics, but you want to keep the attention on your eyes and lips. Argentina always says that if you don’t like the way your face looks in an image, it’ll be completely ruined for you — which means we want your pretty face inspiring all the oohs and ahs rather than your nipples! Think about wearing a solid pushup bra underneath a sheer babydoll instead of nothing.

Lingerie is so fun when you know what you’re looking for. I know not everyone is like me and feels like she’s in a wonderland when surrounded by angel wings, bras, and teddies. Do these tips help? What are some lingerie questions you’ve got tucked away? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for part two!

See Argentina’s Pinterest guide for more visuals to help you shop easier.

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