5 Little Tweaks to Take Your Boudoir Shots from “Nice” to “Wowza!”

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You might think that a beautiful boudoir photo is just the result of the right outfit, hair and makeup, and the right photographer. But if there’s anything I’ve learned about life as a woman, it’s that nothing is ever as simple as it looks.

Obviously, if it were as easy as throwing on a chemise and jumping on your bed with a friend that has a decent point-and-shoot, we’d be out of a job!

Tracy's boudoir session

Isn't this a sweet image?

So we’ve done the hard work for you: a wonderful set, the professional hair and makeup stylists, Argentina’s expert eye and ever-expanding arsenal of flattering poses for the boudoir, and of course, the staff to help you anywhere from informing you on what to wear, what shots are the best (and how retouching will affect them), to putting together a wonderful album to enjoy for the years and decades to come . . . but aside from picking out the right lingerie for your shoot, there are some little things that you can easily do to take your photos from just another image to absolutely stunning.

1. Upgrade your makeup and add eyelashes. Even though I have no qualms about my skin — no wrinkles, acne, scars, or redness, and my subtle freckles neither bother me nor excite me — when I’ve gotten my makeup done for an Art of Seduction shoot, I have always opted for airbrushing. I don’t usually wear foundation, but the airbrushing smoothes out and highlights the complexion so naturally that it will ease any fears about imperfections. Case in point, one of our favorite models, Lauren, came in recently and had broken out. Check out her transformation:

 model Lauren before & after

And the “after” photo isn’t even retouched!

Adding on eyelashes also adds drama and size to your peepers. (Even if your natural lashes are already amazing.) Check out the difference in Lauren’s before/after — for someone like me, who has short, stick-straight lashes (I blame it on being Asian), it makes a world of difference. And, yes, you can bring your own lashes or purchase them from our stylists directly.

Lauren before & after

2. Get your routine touch-ups taken care of. If you’re anything like me, if your hair is dyed or highlighted, you may or may not get your roots maintained on a regular basis. (This is coming from the girl whose black hair ends at her ears.) Do yourself a favor and have your hair touched up before you come in, unless you like it as is. Your photo session is an investment you’ll appreciate for years, and we don’t want you groaning at how you should’ve colored your hair better in 2033 (or now, for that matter).

Aside from hair, make the extra trip to get a mani and pedi — the difference between bare (or God forbid, chipping!) nails and a freshly coated set is a little detail that can make or break your photo. Can you imagine capturing these in an album you want to admire forever?

chipped nail polish

Image from westyleny.com

Not to mention, take care of any waxing or facial maintenance (eyebrow waxing? Green Peel?) at least a couple days in advance. No one wants stray hairs creeping in and ruining their images, and making sure you do this ahead of time will reduce any redness or splotchiness you may have. Yes, our retoucher Rose is amazing, but we want you to see the potential wow factor in your shots before they go into production, rather than being distracted by any bumps, rashes, or hairy situations. To see some more of our digital magic, visit our Pinterest board.

3. Remove tags and stickers. A lot of divas buy new shoes and lingerie for this special occasion. That’s perfectly fine — but a price tag hanging out of a pair of panties can be very distracting in an image! Pay special attention, too, to stickers on the bottoms of your shoes, since you’ll probably be captured with your feet up! Again, though these are fixes Rose can take care of, we want you to love your photos when you see them in your viewing session!

4. Don’t spray tan right before your session. Our set uses pristine, white sheets. They tend to stain orange when divas mistakenly come in with spray tan too close to their shoot, so please, either refrain, or do it at least a week before your session. Retouching very difficult tan lines and color correcting off-shades of skin tones can incur extra charges for Rose’s time — so save yourself the trouble!

botched spray tan

I kid . . . mostlyImage via chameleonhcc.com

5. Don’t forget the accessories. A bodacious lingerie outfit can be exciting on its own, but adding stockings or thigh highs (check out this post for more info), heels, and jewelry can really take you from “nice” to “WOW!” Don’t worry, if you don’t want to invest in new shoes or bling for your shoot, we have rental accessories (heels, size 9, and jewelry) for you to freely use. NEW at our studio: I’ve partnered up with Art of Seduction to offer some of the most boudoir-friendly pieces off my jewelry line for you to rent, but if you’d like to order any pieces off my collection as a souvenir from your session, the rental fee will be waived!


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We want you to have the best and most positive photoshoot experience possible when you come in to Art of Seduction — with your help keeping a careful eye on these little tweaks, your images will look more stunning than ever.

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