10 Ways to Reignite Your Feminine Spark

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Now that we’re clear on what reigniting our feminine spark even means, here are a few ways to easily give our Erotic Creature the boost it may need from everyday life. Don’t worry, these practices are designed to get you just a bit out of your daily routine but not be earth-shatteringly “out there.” Try one, try a few, or them all — and see how you feel!

In private:

woman in bubble bath

Image from www.ecowater.co.uk

1. Take a long, luxurious bath. Light some candles and play soft music for ambience. Unwind — just be. Sometimes the sexiest thing you can do is just be still. Let go of the day’s stresses and tomorrow’s to-dos and decompress. Meditate a little. Give thanks for the beautiful parts of your life, and really feel the warmth of the water surrounding you. Afterward, take your time applying lotion onto your entire body. Appreciate what a goddess you are.

2. Sleep naked. I know, it’s getting chillier these days, but giving your lady parts a chance to breathe is always a good thing. If you rarely (or never) do this, you’ll find yourself appreciating the sensory gift that is in your very skin for what seems like the first time.

3. Wear sexy, matching lingerie under your everyday clothing. No one has to know — keep it a secret and feel the difference! Remember, this is a sensory experience. Feel the silk as you pull it over your skin, and run your fingers over the lace. Really take the time to notice the details as you tie ribbons, button corsets, or fasten garters. If you don’t have anything — stop by your local lingerie shop and browse. (We like G Boutique.) Try something on that maybe you kind of like, but you don’t know why . . .

4. Get a massage. If you’ve never had one before, what are you waiting for? The healing power of touch is beneficial to both mind and body. You will come out feeling much more relaxed and sensual.

5. Blast a female empowerment song, sing along, and dance to it. Doesn’t matter what it is: “Girls,” “Respect,” “She Wolf,” “Roar,” whatever you like that is high-energy and makes you feel powerful. Dance like no one is watching — because it’s for you. Don’t let self-consciousness get in your way!

Boudoir by Art of Seduction, Nude

In public:

6. Get dolled up for absolutely no reason. Remember getting ready for a fun night out? spend some time in front of the mirror and give yourself a dramatic nighttime makeover that makes you look (and feel) like a sex kitten. Find an outfit that flatters your body. Bedazzle yourself with some fun jewelry and throw on a pair of heels. The aim here is to go for glamour, not call back your old barely-legal self, so make sure you feel comfortable in your clothes. Comfort can go a long way — it helps you feel confident, rather than spend the entire evening being awkward due to adjusting a low neckline or yanking down a skirt that barely covers your booty!

7. Strut your stuff. Rather than doing a daily shuffle with your shoulders and back hunched over, try throwing your shoulders back, raising your sternum, and walking with your hips. Women were given curves for a reason, and there’s no reason to pretend they’re not there. Remember, you want to be noticed when you enter a room, but just as importantly, you want to be noticed on your way out!

8. Take yourself out. This one is scary, I know. Eating, or even (gasp!) going to the movies alone seems so taboo, but honor yourself and make it a date. Buy yourself some flowers (the kind that your boyfriend or husband never buys you — c’mon, you know it’s true), go out, and enjoy the company of one. If this idea is way too out there for you, alternatively, do the same thing at home by cooking yourself a romantic meal. You deserve it!

Art of Seduction quote

9. Go to a cabaret. Admire other women embracing their inner divas and Erotic Creatures without feeling like the only (creepy?) woman at a strip club — this you can do with friends, as long as your friends are not catty or distracting — and check out a burlesque show. We love and recommend the Kiss Kiss Cabaret in Lincoln Park.

Kiss Kiss Cabaret presents Helena Handbasket

from Kiss Kiss Cabaret on Facebook

10. Try pole dancing. Or, you know, burlesque, or lapdance. It’s no secret we’re big fans of S Factor Chicago — attend a free class or two and see how free you feel, rather than self-conscious. A “safer” option? Try Zumba on for size. Those Latinas really know how to shake those hips!

S Factor performs at Art of Seduction

An S Factor instructor working our own Art of Seduction pole.

11. Couldn’t help but throw in a bonus one — of course, book your own boudoir shoot! Our Art of Seduction divas collectively experience a unique and empowering day that’s all about them and celebrating their femininity. If you haven’t had yours yet, give us a call. We’d love to celebrate what you’ve already got with the celebrity treatment.

What do you do to channel your Erotic Creature and reignite that feminine spark? Leave a comment below and share!


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