How to Reignite Your Feminine Spark, Part Two

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This week we’re going to talk about seduction. If you haven’t experienced part one of this series, please visit here and read it now! (You will love it.)

Norma Jean versus Marilyn Monroe

I know I talk about Marilyn Monroe, like, a lot, but I just love her. I mean, who doesn’t? As you may or may not know, Ms. Monroe’s “offstage” name was Norma Jean. Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, was her charismatic — or shall I say, seductive, alter ego. Apparently, she was able to channel Marilyn whenever she wanted, living her daily life as Norma Jean — an average girl-next-door whom few noticed — and flip the switch to become Marilyn when she needed to. Easy as that; she could just toss back her head and transform into her bombshell character in an instant! (Evidently, the fans and paparazzi swarmed in instantly when this happened.) I mean, take a real look at the photos above. It’s a subtle change, but they make a world of difference, don’t they?

Sure, but that’s Marilyn Monroe, you may say, still reluctant to unleash your feminine power. I’m more of a Norma Jean.

That’s not true! If I, or Sheila Kelley, haven’t driven it home yet, every single woman on the planet possesses an Erotic Creature. Does “Erotic Creature” scare you? How about “goddess,” then? “Diva”? Or “She-Wolf”?

As it turns out, despite how she appears, Shakira, too, is kind of a shy person. (Who could tell?!) We find her humility to be endearing and of course human, but we deeply respect her artistry and the way she performs (who else other than me wants to move like Shakira?!) because she knows how to tap into that She-Wolf. And it is mesmerizing. 

I’m getting up in your face a little today because it is imperative that we step out of our comfort zones and become familiar with something that is so essential to how we celebrate our lives as women.

I do a lot of personal development, and one dogma that I follow in my everyday life is that we do not grow or improve without having to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This isn’t to say that we need to throw off our clothes and invite everyone in bed with us — but to operate in our everyday lives with dignity, owning our sexuality with confidence and respect, all the while keeping it classy.

The best part of the way Shakira performs is that she is able to express her She-Wolf while at the same time staying true to who she is. There are clear moments of quirkiness in her dancing and singing that are purely her, and it works. We love her for it, and we are magnetized to (i.e., seduced by) it.

Art of Seduction quote: Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe

The fact is, we all have a Norma Jean in us and a Marilyn. Who dominates, and who feels more like the real you? Be honest, now . . . When you let your Marilyn out, don’t you enjoy life more? Don’t you feel better about yourself? And isn’t life about doing the things that make you feel even more alive?

Shakira as She-Wolf

Image from

So today’s lesson in seduction is to strike a harmony (I say harmony because “balance” suggests we must keep all parts of our lives equal, which is unrealistic) between being in touch with our Feminine Spark and staying true to who we are. Authenticity is the best way to live our lives, because it means we are accepting ourselves entirely. And there could be nothing more attractive than that.

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