How to Become A Woman of Strength with Art of Seduction

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Art of Seduction #WomenofStrength DebbieNow that we’ve shared a small, but decent, number of Women of Strength stories with you, I thought it might be time to clarify what this project means to us and how you or someone you know might be able to participate.

Art of Seduction’s Women of Strength are everyday women who have overcome some kind of significant life challenge — whether it be a medical and/or physical condition or conquering a lifelong insecurity. She’s not just a survivor, but she’s learned how to thrive. And she has a story to share with her friends, her family, and most of all — other women like her. She gives a voice of strength and inspiration to women of all walks of life because she gives them permission to defeat their own demons, too.

At Art of Seduction, we’d like to help you tell your story through beautiful photography as well as through your own words. You can become a Woman of Strength by invitation only, but we are always looking for volunteers as well as nominations.

To participate in the Women of Strength program, a female client must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • She must have a powerful story to tell, a story of overcoming significant insecurity or something that once seemed impossible. This can range from having survived a life-changing health condition, having grown up bullied, or having found love after decades of struggle (these are examples, and qualifying stories are not limited to these criteria). Art of Seduction reserves the right to accept or deny any story offered.
  • She then will participate in an interview, most likely in-person, with Art of Seduction blogger Pamela, to tell her story. Pamela will then pre-write the article, e-mail it to the interviewee for approval, and if applicable, make appropriate corrections before the final version is published to the blog. The model may choose any level of anonymity as she prefers, whether it is her first name, an initial, or even a pseudonym. (We are not in the business of exposing you to the wrong eyes. If privacy is a major issue for you, we respect it.)
  • She must schedule and participate in her own boudoir shoot with Argentina Leyva. Sessions are customized to best suit the nature of her story, but we do require a signed model release for the photographs chosen during the following viewing session. (In no way do we ever force our Women of Strength to release a photo that she is uncomfortable with sharing publicly. All images will be approved by the model herself as well as by Art of Seduction staff.) In most cases, we choose roughly five photos to then be published (with retouching) in conjuction with the Women of Strength story on the Art of Seduction blog.
  • Once the story is published, it is preferable that she will share the story with her existing networks, whether they be on social media, in person, through e-mail, or word of mouth. It is understood that Art of Seduction will use her article in marketing material and social media, including but not limited to the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • As a thankyou to our Women of Strength, their sessions are free of charge apart from a nominal $100 fee to cover the cost of our staffed makeup artist’s services. We offer no exceptions to this requirement, unless the Woman of Strength herself is a professional makeup artist by trade. To further extend our thankyou, our Woman of Strength will receive either a free print of her favorite image or 30% off any purchase from that session.
  • She must also agree to having her story published in a future physical copy of our upcoming Women of Strength book(s).

Art of Seduction #WomenofStrength Pamela

We absolutely understand that boudoir photography is a vulnerable and personal experience, which is why we never push our everyday clients to release their images to us. It can absolutely be scary to share your images with your followers, but the overall response to our Women of Strength posts have been so overwhelmingly positive that we can only encourage you to take the leap of faith that you will be doing far more good than bad — good you may not even realize.

As a result of the tremendous response to our series, we have decided to create a hard copy of our collection of stories to be available for sale, display, and/or future studio promotions! Argentina and I are so excited with this project, and we cannot wait to see our Women of Strength movement unfold. . . .

Art of Seduction #WomenofStrength Kiana

If you or someone you know may qualify and be willing to participate in our Women of Strength program, please do not hesitate to comment below, e-mail us, or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you so much for reading about our project! We sincerely hope this will bring inspiration and empowerment to you and the women you know and love.

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You can also follow #womenofstrength on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

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