Finding Femininity in the Fighter

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Valarie has been fighting since she was four years old. She grew up with a love for the Power Rangers, and she wanted to become the Pink Ranger. She signed up at her local martial arts school for “Pink Ranger school,” and her mother enrolled her in dance lessons. Fiercely proud of her father, who […]

How to Reignite Your Feminine Spark, Part One

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I have to confess that sometimes when people ask me what photography studio I write for, I pause for a second. “I write for a boudoir photography studio . . . called the Art of Seduction,” I explain, but why is it that I have that microsecond of hesitance? We’ve already gone over the stigma […]

Woman of Strength: Debbie’s Dance with Diabetes

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Debbie is a personal trainer. With her clients, she is a dynamic mixture of gentle, tough, challenging, and forgiving when she needs to be. She dedicates to them her full focus, absolutely never even carrying her cell phone on her during a session. Because of Debbie’s influence, she has helped nearly 100 everyday men and […]