Introducing So Lux | Med Spa

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We all know that acne, age spots, wrinkles, and sun damage can take a toll on our faces. Ladies, our skin is the largest organ in (er, on) our bodies and it pays to take care of it. Beyond just washing it every day (which I know some of us may not be doing) and applying daily sunscreen (ditto!), there are more intensive ways to transform and erase the years of abuse we may have subjected to our skin, and to help you find a great source for these procedures, Argentina sent me and Rose to check out the So Lux | Med Spa in River North.

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So Lux 1Now, so you know, a med spa isn’t just your run-of-the-mill spa where you slap a pair of cucumber slices onto your eyes and get your feet rubbed. A med spa brings in the best of both worlds: the luxury and ambience of a normal spa experience and the trusted expertise of a doctor’s office. So if you think all they do at So Lux is pamper you, you’re in for an eye-opening surprise!

We met with the lovely Sara, who took the time to show us around the elegantly designed space where immediate facial transformations occur every day. She also introduced us to a number of state-of-the-art laser machinery they have in use. Rose and I decided to begin with a digital skin analysis that goes three levels deep to then project an image of all your problem areas and give you an idea of what your skin will look like even decades down the line. (Amazing!)

Among the more commonly known treatments like microdermabrasian, botox, or laser hair removal, So Lux prides itself in its signature facials and peels, particularly the Green Peel®, which Sara recommends for absolutely everybody, especially before you go to your boudoir session. It is performed with a complex herbal mixture that is then continually massaged into the skin to polish and remove the outer layer, while the active ingredients enter and absorb into the deeper layers, releasing vitamins and enzymes to heal the skin from the inside out. It is a 100% natural exfoliation that Argentina herself has begun doing — and here is her review:

When I decided to do a facial at So Lux | Med Spa, I was not expecting so much expertise and so many treatments to care for my skin. Angelica, one of the owners, gave me a tour of the spa and recommended that I do a Green Peel® to give my skin a boost. The girls at So Lux Med Spa recommend you exactly what you need to treat your skin. I had gone to another spa for over two years, and I never thought there could be more improvement than I had already seen from my previous facials, which I was very pleased with in the first place. However, for two years I wanted my facials to treat the sunspots on my face that made me look older. I love to walk around with just a washed face, but in recent years I always had to wear foundation to cover the sunspots. In those two years I never saw any reduction in the spots until I did the Green Peel® at So Lux. It was a little uncomfortable, but I almost fell off my chair when I saw my face minutes after my peel — my sunspots were at least half gone! I got my second Green Peel® two months later; this time it was not as uncomfortable, and now I can say my spots are 80% gone! As soon as I returned to the studio my makeup artist looked at me and exclaimed, “Your skin looks flawless! What did you do?!” Even my husband told me my face looked so clear and young.

I just turned 43 in July, but when I see myself in the mirror now I see a woman who is 10 years younger (this was just confirmed, as I write this review, by a client who has never met me before). I feel not only good to look younger than my age, but free to walk around without makeup and feel good about myself. I also feel confident that I can still wear edgier outfits that I would normally feel is not the best for a 43-year-old woman!

Then there is IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light skin treatments — perfect for mild to inflammatory acne, hyperpigmentation (dark spots as a result of acne), and acne scarring, IPL improves the overall texture and quality of the skin, even after a single treatment. So Lux conducts IPL with industry leader Palomar machines, which dramatically improve the appearance of problematic skin.

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For those of us who don’t feel the beauty experience is complete without taking home something to use for maintenance (I’m one of these), So Lux keeps on hand top-of-the-line cosmetic lines at different price points to help you keep your healthy luster at home between treatments.

So Lux is co-owned by “Skin Divas” Angelica and Dalia, who recently brought their beautiful team of aestheticians to our studio and had a group photo shoot as well as their own boudoir sessions. One thing was for sure . . . Rose had very little retouching to do, as these ladies definitely walk their talk!


So Lux Ladies

A couple of the girls even left us a brief video review — which I will post shortly. 😉

As an added bonus to our clients, So Lux is also offering a unique deal as a thankyou for photographing with us!

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