It’s All About the Fantasy . . .

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One of my absolute favorite televised events each year is the big, bold, beautiful Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The larger-than-life wings, the sparkle, the glamour. Not to mention its annual debut of each year’s new Fantasy Bra, which in 2012 was valued at a hefty $2.5 million! What exactly is it about this show that makes it so fabulous? And why is the Fantasy Bra such a big deal?

Here at Art of Seduction, we have a close relationship with fantasy. What does this mean? It means our team has mastered the ability to create awesome celebrations of beauty by borrowing elements of the imagination.

Take a classic boudoir shoot. As I’ve mentioned, the entire process is far more challenging than it looks: Posing is practically like pilates, as you suck it in, arch your back, pop your hip, or if you’re anything like me, wobble your way from spot to spot on set on stilettos.

In the end, the images that fill an album all encompass a side of us that we aren’t always in touch with. To be sure, it is always a part of us, but sometimes that inner Diva needs a little encouragement coming out. It helps to wear the right lingerie — well-structured garments that shape, boost, and — ahem — augment us where we most need it.

Here’s the rub: Fantasy is always there, accessible only if we want to make the effort. So you get your makeup done and have your hair styled by a pro. Most also opt for the drama of long, voluminous lashes that open up the eye and really put some oomph into your eyecolor. Slip on the leather ’n’ lace, the sky-high heels, and then factor in the poses. Say, Argentina’s Signature Pose (everyone does this one and LOVES it):

Not everyone is comfortable with baring it all, but if you’re game for artful nudity, you can do that, too.

This is where Argentina comes into play, with her artistic direction and her talented eye. Not only does she have an ever-growing mental collection of poses, but she knows how to manipulate light and shadows to best highlight your assets. Are you familiar with her noir studio technique? These are my personal favorites!

Noir studio Flashdance pose

Allison - noir with hat

Once your photos have been taken, our artistic director Rose will then work her magic on your favorite images. Perhaps because just about everyone and their mom has access to digital photography equipment nowadays, the popular belief is that photography ends once the camera has captured a shot. But just about any professional portrait, including ours, will have gone through the retouching process before it’s a completed work of art.

One might argue that all this work is artificial, but all it is is enhancing what you’ve already naturally got. It’s much like every day, where you wear the colors and cuts of clothing that you know suit you. Your boudoir shoot is made to put you into the frame of fantasy, offering you a feminine, clean backdrop to pose in front of once you’ve been transformed. Everything is put into context, and as Argentina says, “It [all] has to make sense.” The fact that you’re not in your natural setting, in clothes you usually don’t wear, standing in atypical postures only adds to the imaginary setting you’re creating in your images.

To be clear, the efforts required to enter the world of fantasy (did you know all the VS Angel wings are handmade?) are pretty high-maintenance. Trust me, it’s definitely not something for every single day. (I dressed up as Black Swan for Halloween two years ago, giant tutu and everything — couldn’t sit down or get through doorways!) But every once in a while, stepping into the fantastic can be pretty dang amazing.

Fantasy definition by Merriam-Webster

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