Embracing the Unexpected: Perfect Imperfection

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There is an ancient Japanese principle in aesthetics called Wabi-Sabi, which essentially embraces the beauty in imperfection. According to this philosophy, the crack running down an old vase is considered the most beautiful part of the vase itself — that the beauty in anything is the change it has gone through. (It gets far more complex than that — if you’re curious, take a look at the Wikipedia article on Wabi-Sabi, as well as this article.)

While, sure, we all see the obvious beauty in perfectly retouched images of supermodels in our magazines, famed model-maker and retired supermodel herself, Tyra Banks, has made famous the term “ugly pretty” to emphasize across her 19 seasons of America’s Next Top Model the belief that “Perfect is boring.”

Tyra Banks on http://vk.com/tyrabanksofficial

In fact, it is exactly those preconceived “rule-breakers” that create interest in a great shot. Cindy Crawford’s famous mole, Kate Upton’s unapologetic curves, Georgia May Jagger’s gap between her teeth — all of these defining traits make each of these models (real models!) distinct and memorable because she is beautiful not only despite her respective “flaw,” but perhaps because of it. How many cookie-cutter figures in the media have we seen that all look the same, and how many of their names or faces can you remember?

Cindy Crawford via http://www.beautybets.com

Not to mention some of the most powerful portraits in the world portray tremendous emotion behind a set of eyes or details on a person’s face that wouldn’t be considered classically beautiful. But the truth is, running beneath every wrinkle and within every teardrop lies a story. It is precisely what is unexpected in any form of art that makes it special: a scar in a photograph, a raspy voice, a different shape. Something edgy.

We at Argentina Leyva Art of Seduction couldn’t agree more with the Wabi-Sabi principle. With our perfectly imperfect vintage wood flooring that boasts regular yet haphazard nooks and crannies, we could not be more proud of showcasing exactly what makes someone or something special, rather than attempting to turn them into something they aren’t. It is, after all, what makes us different that brings color to the world.

In this exploration of perceived flaws that in reality help shape ladies into the unique and powerful women they are, we have decided to share with you some inspiring stories of real-life women who are speaking up about what once made them insecure, but that they have since embraced and celebrated as part of them and what makes them beautiful.

Remember the Dove video about us being our own worst critics? We would like to help womankind shatter that universal fallacy and show you that that insecurity you have about yourself is likely a source of strength and what makes you you.

We have hand-picked these shining examples of empowerment and can’t wait to introduce to you our new series called Women of Strength. By sharing their stories in words as well as through their upcoming photoshoots, these women have allowed Argentina Leyva to tell the stories that define them. Follow each lovely lady’s journey as they are released one by one  in the weeks to come.

A chillingly beautiful photo via http://bit.ly/qQRpNM

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