Art of Seduction vs. Simply Boudoir, Part One

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Before my shoot with Argentina last month, I didn’t know she offered options to fit any budget. Sure, I knew packages ranged, but already being familiar with the boudoir industry, I always figured all packages at any level were still a fair investment. Little did I know that sharing Argentina’s studio space is a separate division designed for the woman on a budget: Simply Boudoir, sold through Groupon and run entirely by Argentina’s associate photographers Tracy and Rose, was created specifically for the fabulous woman with limited funds, as well as limited time.

Art of Seduction has it all, but Simply Boudoir was created to eliminate all other costs outside of shooting to bring women the bare bones of boudoir photography, and this includes leaving out the professional hair and makeup services, a greater variety within the set (which is pretty much just the bed, floor, and perhaps a simple chair), as well as the  professional viewing session post-shoot. So if you’re not well versed in doing your own hair and makeup for the camera, you can either add on the artistry service to your Simply Boudoir session (booked in advance via PayPal), or you can rest assured that your Art of Seduction experience already includes the pro services. So if you’re wondering what the other differences are between the prestige Art of Seduction experience and the minimalist Simply Boudoir one, I’ve done the research for you.

Customer service. While service with Simply Boudoir isn’t poor by any means — it’s not like they expect you to know exactly how to pose already or anything — it is far less accessible. For example, there is no phone number to reach Simply Boudoir; you can reach them only via the website or e-mail. With Art of Seduction, you can contact us over the phone as well as e-mail, Facebook, Twitter . . .

Availability. This isn’t so much a difference, but important to know: Both Art of Seduction and Simply Boudoir pretty much exclusively shoot Friday and Saturday mornings. Very rarely, if you need a shoot in the evening, you may be able to squeeze yourself in on a Thursday night, but that is an exception. Both have limited appointments.

Preparation. Before a boudoir shoot, most people have no idea what to wear or bring, or what makeup and hairstyle is the most photogenic option for them. Through Art of Seduction you will be advised more specifically as to what to bring to your shoot, and as I mentioned earlier, your professional hair and makeup services are included. Through Simply Boudoir, there is very little consultation beforehand and if you do want the stylist for your shoot, you must schedule and pre-pay for that at the time of your booking. Otherwise, you’re responsible for your own makeover, which I feel takes away half the fun of a boudoir shoot in the first place.

by Simply Boudoir

Your photographer. Through Art of Seduction, you will have Argentina herself as your photographer. Having photographed hundreds of women through the Art of Seduction, as well as having an open and always-learning mind and very artistic eye, you’ll see during your viewing session of the hundreds of shots from your session that there are tens of photos that you look AMAZING in. (I personally loved enough images from my session to fill multiple albums, and when my friend came for her shoot last week, she also shocked herself by ordering a couture album because the images were so stunning.)

While Tracy and Rose are trained personally by Argentina, they are still apprentice photographers, which means they have less experience. If you are looking to fill an album with a beautiful variety of photos, you are more likely to do so through an Art of Seduction shoot, but if you’re only looking for a few nice prints, Simply Boudoir should do the job!

The shoot. The Art of Seduction set is larger with more elements to mix things up far more in your session, whereas the Simply Boudoir set is, well, simple. Through Art of Seduction you also get access to Argentina’s ever-expanding arsenal of poses and flexibility, whereas with Simply Boudoir you will only be photographed in roughly 10-15 poses.

The post-shoot process. When you book through Art of Seduction, after your shoot, Argentina will personally sit down with you to view your images. (This is where the magic happens and you’ll fall in love with yourself.) You’ll get an immediate idea of how many images you simply must have, and where the vast majority of clients decide they want an album. With your album, you will also get a CD of all your images (the ones included inside the album will be retouched for you). As Argentina (or one of her assistants) holds your hand during the viewing session, you will also get an idea of what your images will look like after retouching as well as help deciding which images are better than others. (The biggest difficulty I had was in elimination!) With Simply Boudoir, there is no viewing session, no one to help you choose which images are your best. You are e-mailed a password-protected online gallery of your images, and from there you can customize your order: digital downloads, physical prints, or a very simple album.

I now have personally experienced shoots of many varieties: a couple’s shoot in the old studio, an Art of Seduction shoot with Argentina, and just recently, a Simply Boudoir shoot with Tracy. Stay tuned for my next post detailing the experience during my Simply Boudoir session!

Argentina's signature pose -- available only through Art of Seduction 😉

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