Woman of Strength: Kiana Embraces Her Curves

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During a hot summer day, 12-year-old Kiana was running around outside with neighborhood friends she had known her whole life, in her bathing suit. The girls loved to go to the pool, run through sprinklers, and play on a Slip ’N Slide out on the lawn on days like this. But today, Kiana’s father came […]

3 Little-Known Facts About Boudoir Photography (Part One)

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Apparently, Marilyn Monroe was once asked to “bless” photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson’s camera at the start of a photo shoot, and her “cheeky” response to his request was to pretend to sit on it. This “booty shot” was never caught on camera, but makes for a little-known photography fun fact. – Today, I’ve decided to start […]

The Perks of Wearing Lingerie

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Heidi Klum was always one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret Angels, and if you think about the most famous faces of the American lingerie giant, they all have the same thing in common besides megawatt smiles and supermodel bodies: They have confidence, star appeal that makes you love them. They have far more playfulness and […]

Amazing Makeovers

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One of the fun parts of doing a boudoir photography session with Art of Seduction is the amazing makeover treat with our makeup artist in residence Jennifer. Truly, who has time to look so gorgeous every day? I’m glad to look a my boudoir photos and see “how good I can look” and not stress […]