Nude Boudoir Photography – A Tasteful and Sensual Experience

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I like to do sessions with models once in a while in order to create images that I can freely share with everybody. A few weeks ago I photographed Melissa in a fully nude session. I have photographed Melissa before in the Virgin Islands and at Lake Michigan in swimsuit sessions but I wanted to create nude images with her long red hair being framed by the hardwoods of the studio. I believe nudes can be done tastefully and regardless of shape or age. They can be very sensual and portray a woman in a very artistic way. I’m aware that Melissa is a model with a great physique that might discourage many ladies out there, but she is the exception to the rule. I have also photographed nude curvy women that look exquisite and tasteful with the help of  proper posing and lighting. I will dig out some images for a later post to share with everyone. For now, I hope you enjoy these images and decide to do a session with some nudes included!

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