Makeup or No Makeup?

Posted in: Beauty Secrets, Before and After photos, Boudoir Photography, Glamour, Makeover, Makeup for Photography, Professional Makeup, Sexy Photos- Jan 03, 2013 Comments Off on Makeup or No Makeup?
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I recently worked on a personal photography project and recruited volunteers to be my models. One of my models was a past client that was very excited to do another boudoir session with me. My project required that the models did their own hair and makeup. Rachel is a natural beauty that looks great no matter what, her skin is amazing and her long hair looks lovely in photos. I wanted to show two images side by side with exactly the same retouching to compare. I think that she looks great in both images but my makeup artist really made her beauty stand out.

Have you ever done your makeup to go out and then take a picture and you still look like you have no makeup? I do it ALL the time! Even when I put on extra makeup, I still can’t get it right. I just prefer to leave it to the professional — what do you think?

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