The Big Day, or “B” Day!

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I woke up at 6:45 a.m. and immediately drank lots of water to hydrate my body for the day. Angelo, our makeup artist arrived promptly at 7:00 a.m. Tracy was the first one to go under the knife, pardon me, the brush. Here is a shot of her hair getting curled.

While she was getting ready, I made some steel cut oats with fruit for breakfast. If I don’t eat I get a headache and that was the last thing I wanted today. Last night, I took a bath and used a brand new black towel to dry. OMG, my body was covered in black lint! Back to the shower and scrubbing again to get rid of the lint. I used an old towel this time to dry. I used lots of moisturizer on my body and face with enough time to let it absorb before makeup application.

I got my outfits ready before I jumped on the chair and took my chances showing this image of Kim Kardashian to Angelo. I don’t pretend to even look at all close to her, but I like the hair, lip color and how different this eye makeup looks. I’m so used to people asking for the “smoky eye” or the “Victoria’s Secret look” that I wanted something different that I would normally never do.

Do you want to see how my makeup turned out? Keep checking the blog for images!

After I was done with my hair and makeup, Angelo secured it with a pin so I could photograph Tracy. I normally wear yoga pants and a T-shirt to shoot, but given the circumstances, I had to wear my robe and loose clothing to avoid marks in my skin and to not ruin my hair when removing my top. So classy, don’t you think? Rose was behind the scenes taking some candid shots of “The Making of our Boudoir Session.”

For those who want to know how much I was able to prepare my body for this session, here are the photos 11 days ago and this morning at 7:00 a.m.

I felt the difference and now putting the photos together, I can see the difference. I hope you agree with me that 10 days is worth the effort for a boudoir session.

I’m downloading images tonight, and I’ll keep you in suspense for a few days while I work on selecting my favorites. Tracy and Rose did a superb job shooting me. I have to admit I made it easy on them. Having shot over 500 Divas, I have memorized all the poses, although Rose fixed some details. Also, by working with models and directing the facial expressions of all my clients, I was able to use the right expressions, so the girls only had to get the exposure and composition and push the button; it can’t get easier than that. Although, they did have to put up with all my directions to shoot from certain angles, it’s just my controlling nature and I can’t help it. The girls were great and can’t wait to show you some images. Keep checking the blog for updates!

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