How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

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One of our recent Divas told us that after she booked her boudoir session, she searched the web for information on how to get ready for a boudoir session. We always provide this information to our clients a week or two before their session, and this might not be enough time for many ladies to prepare. So, I have come up with a timeline on how to best prepare for a boudoir session and to make sure it works. I will be subjecting myself to this preparation since I will be doing a boudoir session on December 21st, my second session since I started shooting boudoir. I will do the 10 days of preparation and will write every day on the progress. Tracy, my production manager, will also be doing a session that day and Rose, our artistic director will be the photographer. Here are the steps I came up with for a successful boudoir session.

  1. Determine gift delivery date: Once you know when you need your boudoir album delivered you need to book your session eight to 10 weeks in advance of your celebration date and start your preparation.
  2. Eight to 10 Weeks: Book your session on a date that you are not on your period.
  3. Six Weeks: If you don’t work out, it’s time to start! Start easy the first week and intensify as you get in shape. To supplement the sculpting of your body, I highly recommend laser liposuction. This melts your body fat in a 20 minute session of one area of your body. You have to hit the gym within 12 hours of your session to burn off the melted fat. You can go to and mention our name for a great discount on an eight-session treatment. This is not a substitute for a no-workout routine and and unhealthy diet; it’s a way to enhance your efforts and maximize results. I highly recommend pole dancing as a workout; it will tone your body, get you more flexibility and will also get you used to feeling sexy and sensual when you move. You will also get to practice wearing super high heels. S Factor has a free seven-day pass for new clients. Go to and click on the Chicago link.
  4. Two to four weeks: Shop for outfits when you are not on your period. You can also do things like eyelash extensions, bikini waxing, hair coloring, laser liposuction, hair extensions, teeth whitening, and permanent makeup. When shopping for outfits, be sure to shop for your body type and don’t succumb to the cuteness of the outfit. Get outfits with plenty of breast support. If you have major problems in your midsection, get a corset, a cincher, a bustier or a teddy. If your legs suffer from varicose veins, get stockings and a sexy garter, you will never know your legs are not fabulous!
  5. Three Weeks: Try on your outfits and practice how to put them on if they are complicated. You don’t want to find out the day before your session that they don’t fit or you don’t feel comfortable and sexy in them. You might have to exchange them or buy additional outfits, and you need time to shop. We recommend La Perla for the perfect bra fitting and very unique and super-sexy lingerie. They have lingerie that can even work as regular clothes to go out! I just got a sizzling corset that I can wear under a blazer for networking meetings and cocktail parties; my money couldn’t have been spent better.
  6. Two Weeks: Decide on your body goals, make a list and a schedule.
  7. 10 Day Preparation: All the things you need to do every day for ten days.
    • Cleanse your body with good diet.
    • Substitute coffee with green tea.
    • Plan to detoxify your body by drinking lots of water.
    • A good detox program is juicing fruit and vegetables. My favorite recipe is: apples, carrots, cucumbers, beets, radish, and celery for the juice. I prepare a smoothie with the juice as a base and add spinach, broccoli, kale, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Protein powder is added for working out a lot. You can also add plain fat-free yogurt.
    • If you want to shed some weight, on top of juicing, eat fish, chicken, and veggies with a little wild rice and oatmeal for carbs. No sugar and no bad carbs. The apples and carrots in your juice mix will be your only sugar.
    • Maximize your workout and then rest the day before your session. Concentrate on toning exercises; you can find a lot of great exercise ideas on Youtube and Pinterest.
    • Perform a lot of stretching; you will need your flexibility for your session.
    • Practice walking in high heels, the higher the better.
    • Do not weigh yourself! You need to tone and cleanse, not become a runway model!
    • Deep condition your hair.
    • Cleanse your face at least once a day and use extra moisturizer. I use a Clarisonic Sonic Cleanser in the shower at least three times a week to exfoliate and get my skin to produce new cells. You can buy it at You can also use it to exfoliate your entire body; your skin will be fresh and radiant.
  8. Five Days Before Your Session: Color and cut your hair at least 5 days before your session. This will allow you time to correct any color problems.
  9. Three to Four Days Before Your Session: If you get waxed, do this with enough days to give skin time to recover from any redness. If you have never waxed before, then you should try it a month before your session because your skin might break out. You can do a touchup close to your session day. If you don’t wax, you can shave the day of your session.
  10. One to Two Days Before Your Session: Get your nails done and if you can, also get a facial and a massage. You can’t be more ready than this!
  11. Day Before Your Session: Get a lot of sleep! Do not go out, drink, break your diet, or smoke. You have worked so hard for this, you need to rest. Pack all your outfits, shoes, jewelry, stockings, garters, hair extensions, extra panties, slippers, robe and snacks. If you forget something, you might remember the next day or while you are sleeping.
  12. Day of your session: Arrive early, 30 minutes to spare is a good idea. You might encounter traffic even if it’s a weekend. This will stress you out and decrease your enjoyment. Also, your session might be shortened and after so much preparation this is the last situation you want to have. Bring a friend for support if you are nervous and above all, trust me, I’ve done this many times with all sorts of women and I will not stop until I know I have made you look amazing in each pose.

I will write for 10 days and let you know if I do anything different from this list. I plan to perfect this preparation. Wish me luck!

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