Day 9 of Preparation for My Boudoir Session

Posted in: Art of Seduction, Boudoir Diary- Dec 20, 2012 Comments Off on Day 9 of Preparation for My Boudoir Session
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I have been soooo busy that I didn’t have time to write Wednesday about my progress. My workout was concentrated on cardio with resistance cables concentrating on my back and obliques. I also did about five minutes of stretching. My hair was in need of washing, but I just put it in a ponytail so I could wash it Thursday, the day before the shoot. I also kept up with heavy body scrubbing, used the Clarisonic on my face, and put on a lot of moisturizer. In the evening, the girls, my husband, and I went to the CS Magazine holiday party. We were also celebrating Tracy’s birthday and we had agreed to go out for dinner. The party had an open vodka bar and FOOD! I ate three chicken kebabs and had a bottle of water. After the party, we ended up at Sullivan’s and I had the best sea bass with bok choi. I had to resist some cheesy bacon potatoes and some cheesecake the others were eating. I did take a little bite of the cheescake and after the shoot, I’m going back to Sullivan’s to get me some more!

I got to bed so late, I had to cancel my personal training at 5:00 a.m. . . .

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