Day 8 of Preparation for My Boudoir Session

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This morning I woke up too late for my workout, so I headed to the gym at 5pm. I did the butt workout again that my personal trainer gave me last week. It was a little easier this time, but still hard. My butt better look good in the pictures this coming Friday! I did a long session of stretching after the workout; I know I’ll need to be very flexible Friday to better hold the poses without cramps.

My lips started chapping a little, so I have been putting on extra Chapstick during the day to get them in the best shape possible for Friday. I scheduled my waxing session for Thursday, but my nail technician can’t make it Thursday, so I have to think of a plan B. My skin is looking very bright; I’m really surprised. I exfoliated again today with the Clarisonic, applied toner and lots of moisturizer. I scrub my body vigorously every day and it seems like I’m shedding a lot, since the foam comes off kind of dark every time.

The smoothies are doing their job and I’m getting “cleansed a lot”! I’m sticking to chicken and salmon for food. Here is a picture of what my husband cooked this morning. I didn’t have the egg or oats, just the chicken with broccoli, and for dinner, a salmon filet.

My lingerie finally got here! I tried everything on and it all fit perfectly. I’m so impressed! I can instantly tell the difference from cheap lingerie, this stuff is of such good quality and fits so well, especially the bras . . . I have never had such good bras before. The oufit in the picture is from La Perla. I also bought a black bra and four different black panties with different shapes for the booty — they all look and feel great, but one of them really stands out. Wait until you see the pictures!




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