Day 6 of Preparation for My Boudoir Session

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Day six was a Sunday and I normally go out for breakfast and pig out all day. Unfortunately, I had to stick to my routine, although I still went out for breakfast. I ordered an egg-white omelette with veggies and no cheese, fruit, plain oatmeal with strawberries, fat-free milk to add to the oatmeal. I did add one pack of raw sugar to the oatmeal. I also indulged myself in coffee and OMG, I got a caffeine rush!

I had to do a family session at noon and after the session I went home and made chicken and broccoli stir-fry with a little peanut oil and seasoning. I also had one banana to satisfy my sugar craving, one apple, and green tea. I relaxed the rest of the day watching TV.  It’s hard not to want to eat when you are vegging out on the couch, hence the apple and the banana.

In the evening my hubby and I went to the movies. We normally get the family-sized popcorn and soda. This time my husband got the popcorn, and I got a bottle of water. I didn’t miss the popcorn, probably because I was focused on the film. Also, he hid the popcorn far from me so I couldn’t smell it.

The entire week was very demanding and my body was just exhausted so I decided not to work out and rest my body for next week. I actually fell asleep on the couch for about an hour, a very well-needed nap.

I noticed that my elbows have responded well to the constant scrubbing, they are soft and the skin color is the same as the rest of the arms. I have been using Lubriderm lotion every morning and night to hydrate my entire body. I’m constantly putting Chapstick on my lips, as I have a tendency to bite them. My hands have also been getting a lot of hand lotion; I seem to be surrounded by bottles. At my work station I have C.Booth, hands down the best lotion. It contains cocoa butter and lots of vitamins, my hands are very soft and hydrated despite the winter.

I’m getting ready for the last four days of this preparation, and I have to say it has not been hard to stick to it like other times. I have to guess that it’s because I’m writing it in the blog where everyone can read it. I feel I’m being held accountable for my actions, and I don’t want to have to write that I cheated. Wednesday will be the hardest day because I’m taking Tracy and Rose out for dinner to celebrate Tracy’s birthday and I need to figure out a place where I can stick to my diet. The last thing I want is to break my routine, pig out, and come to my session two days later all bloated and with lots of water retention. I’ve worked so hard, I can’t ruin it being so close. We’ll see . . .

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