Day 4 of Preparation for My Boudoir Session

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I got out of bed at 4:20am (insane, right?) to work out with my personal trainer Jack at XSport Fitness. Last night I texted him that I was doing a shoot on the 21st and that he needed to work my butt off. I was not disappointed with the workout — it was heavy-duty butt, abs, and quads. He had to use the roller to massage my legs at the end so I could function the rest of the day shooting at the studio. Here is my workout plan to get my butt ready. I’ll be doing it twice more next week and I’ll train with him again Thursday morning, a day before the shoot.

After my workout I got ready for a full day of clients at the studio. My first client Charlynn, and her fiancé, Camilo, were the first ones to arrive. I had met Charlynn at S Factor, and she decided to do a boudoir session before her wedding. Camilo sat in the studio while we shot the session and actually acted as Charlynn’s spotter in the pole room. Since she’s an S Factor girl, we did some shots with her doing pole tricks. He got to enjoy seeing Charlynn practicing pole dancing, and now he knows what she has learned in the last two years! Camilo and Charlynn will be back to do a couple’s session, Camilo wants to get in shape first, so I guess I have to also write a program for men on how to prepare for a photoshoot!

Charlynn is a natural beauty, I love her smile. However, she looked like a movie star when she was transformed by our guest makeup artist Angelo — check it out!

I’ll be doing before and after pictures next Friday; my skin is looking very bright with the cleansing routine I’m doing. Still lots of water and green tea, fish, broccoli, steel-cut oats with berries and protein bars. As we speak, my wonderful husband Jesse is juicing, so I can’t wait for the morning to get my smoothie in!


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