Day 2 of Preparation for My Boudoir Session

Posted in: Beauty Secrets, Body Contouring, Boudoir, Boudoir Photography, Exercise Routine for Photo Shoot, Glamour, Healthy is the New Skinny, Sexy Photos, Workout- Dec 12, 2012 Comments Off on Day 2 of Preparation for My Boudoir Session
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Things were not much different from yesterday. I was very busy all day so I didn’t even think of the food deprivation I’m going through. Keeping busy is definitely the best way to stay away from dangerous foods. A bowl of free chocolates was staring at me couple of times today and I pretended not to see it 🙂

My workout was slow today. Slow movements with weights for toning; it took a little over an hour. My abs will be killing me tomorrow, which is a good thing. I have a Christmas party at an Italian restaurant, the pain will remind me to stick to the salad and a piece of chicken. I leave you today with this image that I grabbed from Pinterest!

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