Boudoir Transformation After 10 Days of Preparation

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I woke up feeling sick and went to the studio and did a full day of shooting. By 5pm I was really feeling terrible. Now, at 8pm, it is official, I’m out with a cold. Good thing tomorrow is Sunday and have no plans.

I took the time to sort through some of my images from the Boudoir session and I wanted to post a before-and-after makeup shot. The before photo I took myself with my cell and I look distorted, so it is not a very good comparison. But for those of you who still doubt the power of professional hair and makeup, here is a photo that shows the results. The team of makeup artists that I have in the studio is amazing and will transform anyone to look their best. I went for a dramatic change, something that I can’t do myself, and I’m very pleased with the results. I think in person it looks a little too much to get used to but in the photos, oh my gosh! I want to wake up looking like this every day! A boudoir session at our studio will always include hair and makeup so if you think you can skip it and do it yourself, think again!

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