Chicago Boudoir Photography by Art of Seduction

Boudoir: French word to depict a woman’s private chambers.
Photography: Derived from Greek meaning “Drawing with light”

Boudoir Photography: The art of capturing a woman’s beauty in a sensual bedroom setting using light to set the mood of the scene and enhance her beauty.

Enter our Boudoir Photography Studio located at 721 S Western Ave., Chicago to be greeted by a team of women who will advise, enhance, and comfort you as your transformation into a vixen occurs. You will explore your inner goddess as the team creates your customized experience with usage of luscious lines, sensual poses, and dramatic make up. We are the Chicago based experts in sensual lingerie, pin-up, and boudoir photography. The team  is the bridge from daily grind into the  fantasy land of seduction and empowerment. This journey will  unleash your captivating feminine alter ego.

If you are looking for the top in Chicago boudoir photography, then Art of Seduction by Argentina Leyva will satisfy your desire to explore your inner sensuality.  We are experts at making our sessions fun and relaxing, no matter how nervous you may be in in front of a camera.  We enjoy helping women to display their true beauty.  This is your opportunity to be pampered and show off in a sexy and sensual way you may never have dreamed possible.

We have a variety of sessions for you to choose from.  Our Secret Diva session is the classic boudoir experience with amazing results from our “Light” studio and “Noir” studio.  If you are a couple looking for sensual photographs then our “Divine Couples” session will be perfect for you.  Capture the intimacy and romance with you and your “Divo” in an unforgettable session that you will treasure for years to come.  In the summer months we also offer our Beach Diva session for a glamour bent that rivals what you find in the latest Sports Illustrated issue.  Explore all our our boudoir, pin-up and swimsuit sessions.

If you are still nervous about having an intimate session for boudoir photography in Chicago, please check out our testimonials page for feedback from some of our recent clients.  We always have an amazing experience in our sessions and we are looking forward to an incredible experience with you!

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